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Gordon Ramsay or Maze at The London?

Does anyone know the difference between Gordon Ramsay & Maze? From the website it looks like GR is more formal than Maze, but how does the food compare? Is one better than the other? I'm planning a business dinner for a group of 7, but we are a pretty fun crowd so dinner does not have to be super formal. Thanks

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  1. Gordon Ramsay is the really formal one with the set tasting menu, i have not eaten there but have been to the casual place off the lobby that is all small plates three times. The first two times were extremely good but the last time was disappointing, I have noticed a big drop in quality, not sure why. Service is extremely attentive, almost frighteningly so.

    1. If you can get into Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, go for it, its phenominal. If its just the London Bar, SKIP IT.

      1. I have only been to Maze at the London (which I believe is different from the London Bar which only serves drinks and a few small dishes) a few times and were very pleased with the food and the service. In fact I have gradually shifted from The Modern Bar at the MoMA to the Maze lately.

        I used to go to the Modern Bar quite often when I was in Midtown, but I found the food and the service to have gone downhill, especially in the last few months. Now I prefer to go to Maze where the service is much more attentive (and more quiet too).

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          What are some good dishes to order at Maze?

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            I'm curious too what you normally order at Maze.

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              Of the things I have tried, I like the duck breast, quail with foie gras, scallops, sablefish, lamb, and shortribs, peanut butter sandwich.

              Things that I won't order again: smoke trout (really pretty but the fish did no taste fresh), lobster with chicken casear salad (my friend liked it, but I didn't like the combination), rice pudding.

          2. It may be too late for the OP, but I found Gordon Ramsay to be very formal (in terms of decor) but not at all too stuffy for a "fun" business dinner. That said, the food is really just good: it will seriously impress people who don't go out a lot, but I can't imagine that any CH'er or other foodie will rave about it.

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              I am still deciding on the dinner venue, I definitely eat out a lot so if the food at Gordon Ramsay is only "good", what would be some other "great" recommendations? Right now I'm also looking into Del Posto and Gotham Bar & Grill, but I'm an out of towner so I'm sure I'm missing some real gems. Thanks

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                I think the food at Maze is good and is definitely on par with Gotham or The Bar Room at The Modern. Can't comment on the formal dining area but I expect it to be better than Maze. However, I don't think it will say the food is extraordinary as afterall, it is a bar room type of places and I think the food is great compared to a lot of the similar restaurants.

                That said, Del Posto is definitely a league better. EMP dinner is also fanastic. If money is not an issue, I recommend Jean George or L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon.

            2. Hi i ate in the Gordon Ramsay fine dining restaurant about 3 weeks ago it was fantastic.
              The food was spot on but not just that the service was out of this world definately go there if you want to impress. The maze is a bit more informal but the food just as good, if it was me i would deffo do the fine dining, which ever you choose Jean Baptiste and his team definately know how to make it special.

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                  Yea JB is on The f Word in the uk he is so good at running the restaurant !!!!!!!!

              1. I finally decided to go with Maze, the group did not want to do a set menu. Does anyone have any additional recommendations on what to order? Thanks!

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                  You dont have to have a set menu in the Gordon Ramsay restaurant theres a la carte as well.
                  I liked the hand dived sea scallops they were very good, my husband had the oven baked pork which he loved, but im sure what ever you choose you will love. Hope you have a great time. If JB is there say hello from me the mad english women who wrote the letter. Have fun !!!!!!!!!

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                    Let us know how it was in the end im thinking of going again in a few months !

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                      Just got back from the trip, Maze completely lived up to our expectations. We had a slight hitch with making the reservation, but once we arrived, everything was top notch, service, decor, and food. It was pretty busy with the after work bar crowd on a weekday night. We especially loved the short ribs which was perfectly fork tender and flavorful. My favorite dessert had a green apple gelatin in a shot glass along with I think ice cream, I forget the name of the dessert, I ate a lot last week!

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                        So glad you enjoyed it, i cant wait to go back, am gonna try the London ones next.

                2. Maze is quite good. Just ate there during RW w/o realizing it was RW & didn't order off the RW menu. It can get pricey especially if you order wine/drinks. Excellent food, wonderfully prepared. I ate at the formal GR restaurant when it first opened & while it was good thought it was a bit stuffy. Will definitely continue to eat at Maze though.

                  1. While the food is really good at both GR and Maze @ The London , the service at Maze is absolutely abysmal; Wine slammed down on the table to splash my guest, a 20 minute wait to order (and the place was only half-filled), had to ask to have plates cleared after each course. Thought perhaps this was just a one-time occurrence, but on my second visit the service was just as horrendous.

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                      There has been few negative opinions on EMP recently. We are supposed to have our holiday dinner at EMP but I am now thinking of switching to Gordon Ramsay at The London (not Maze).

                      Do you think GR would offer better meal than EMP? Their prestige (tasting) menu is $120 as opposed to $145 at EMP.

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                        I can't comment on GR or Maze but my recent dinner at EMP was transcending. Good Luck.

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                          GR is not open between xmas and new years. I checked.