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Jul 20, 2007 01:01 PM

Imperial Wok, Somers

have gotten take-out from this restaurant in the heritage shopping center in heritage hills on several occasions. usually pretty solid, nothing outstanding, tho. then came last night.

ordered sushi for take-out on way home from work, including 2 spicy shrimp tempora rolls (i'm preggo so no raw fish :( ). when dh & i sat down to eat less than 1 hour later, he points to the pieces and asks "what's this?" and i honestly couldn't answer since it was black and slimy. after a little poking and investigating, we determined it is the avocado, in death throes. not to mention that the shrimp and coating were very "rubbery" to the touch.

called the restaurant and politely explained the condition of the rolls and that i didn't think the quality of the order was quite on par. after getting passed around to 3 different people, someone finally told me it was just the avocado, that avocado turns black (duh, tell me something i don't know) and that it's "OK to eat." no apologies, nothing. WTF??!! i then explained that while they may think that, i was not satisfied spending $30 on "OK to eat" food and that i would be returning for a refund.

we packed the whole order back up and off we went. when we got there, dh showed the manager(?) the rolls and asked "would you really eat this?" when the girl behind the counter handed me the refund receipt, it was for about half of what just the shrimp rolls cost. i calmly slid the receipt back to her and pointed out the error, at which point dh said he'd appreciate a full refund all things considered.

definitely won't be going back there again.
small rant over, thanks for listening :)

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Sorry to hear about your bad experience. Next time, just make sure you don't spend your money there! I have been to Imperial Wok in White Plains a couple of times and noticed their food wasn't special and the service was worse. I was there a couple of years ago getting takeout and I actually heard the girl at the counter said "that guy is really weird" in Chinese right in front of me! Well, she was dumb enough to think that an Asian person who speak relatively fluent English cannot understand Chinese. She was wrong! When I got home, the takeout was just mediocre. I think their chef uses vinegar in every dish and everything tasted "vinegary". Oh well.. on top of bad customer service and high price, the bad food is another reason not to go. I certainly don't miss going there and would not recommend this restaurant to anyone.

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        Wow. I haven't yet gone back to the IW in White Plains to try it again (I know, but I also want to try MacMenamin's Grill just one more time), but having ruled out Hunan Village in Yonkers, I'm now left with what? Bao's in White Plains and the place in New Rochelle on Main St. (although Mr. dolores wasn't as pleased as I was).

        We in Westchester are getting precariously close to a wasteland with good Chinese places.

        What is going on?

        1. re: dolores

          There's still the much-touted Aberdeen and (still my favorite) Central Seafood in White Plains. Also Pagoda in Edgemont.

          1. re: Westjanie

            I concur, Aberdeen and Central Seafood are both authentic and delicious.