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Jul 20, 2007 01:00 PM

Anything great close to JWMarriott in Vegas?

We're arriving on a Monday late afternoon and have 2 nights at the JWMarriott, looks to be NW of the strip.

Are any of their restaurants worth going to? Anything relatively close by? Wide open to cuisines, prices, ideas, just don't want to spend a ton renting a car or paying $50 in cab fare.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Well there is the Caramel Room at the JW but I've never been there or heard anything about it. The menu looks tasty enough but it's an old school-style gourmet room. Beef Wellington, Prime Rib, etc.

    Just up the street on the same side of the road as the JW is a place called Nora's Wine Bar and Osteria. The food is decent but not great and they have a large selection of nice wines by the glass. Across the street in Boca Park there are several options but nothing spectacular: Gordon Biersch, Kona Grill, East Coast Pizza, etc.

    A 10 minute cab ride to the northeast will land you at Grape Street Cafe, one of my all-time favorites. Really good food, lots of wines by the glass, and a phenomenal atmosphere.

    I also used to eat here at least three times a month. Great little place. Highly recommended.

    Finally, if you're looking for some good "pub-fare" make sure you stop by J.C. Wooloughan's Irish Pub in the JW. Really good fish 'n' chips and of course the Guiness and Harp's flow like water off the tap. They have live music there on Wednesday and Thursday nights if you will still be in town. Great place to hang out.

    1. Z' Tejas (TexMex), Nora's (wine/Italian), Vintner Grill (continental, classy), Agave (upscale Mexican), Grape Street (wine/Ital), Hannah's (sushi/fish), Bertolini's (Ital), Paymon's Mediterranean Cafe (gyros, fasejan,hookahs!), Pin Kaow (Thai), Roy's (Hawaiian/fish), Becker's Steak House (steak). And I've probably saved the best for last: Rosemary's would only be a $10-15 cab ride from JW.

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        Well we just got an amazing car rental deal ($20/day and we can drop off at Bellagio when we get to the Strip on Wed) so we'll have a car. I'd love to get my husband to try Rosemary's.

        Thanks for the tips.

      2. I love going to the Oyster Bar at the Suncoast and get the beer boiled shrimp and the bouillabaisse. Very casual all bar seating. Fair prices. The crew at dinner is better than the one at lunch.