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Jul 20, 2007 12:37 PM

where to buy choya -pic inside-

when i'm in the states I always drink's a sweet plum wine available in japanese and asian markets

has anyone seen this in the gta or know where i can get it?

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  1. I was really intrigued by the idea of a sweet plum wine, so I took a quick browse of the LCBO site... no match. :( That probably means you'll have a lot of trouble finding it anywhere, given the tight regulations on the alcoholic beverage market here.

    You may be able to buy it as a special order, but they warn that you may pay 3 to 4 times what the item would normally cost thanks to the extortionary duties and taxes they apply on alcohol (well, okay.. they didn't use the word "extortionary"... that was my addition). It can also take several months depending on where you're ordering from.

    Seems like your best bet will be to bring some over the border next time you visit the US... making sure you're observing the allowable quantities, natch. ;)

      1. I've bought Gekkeikan Plum Wine in the LCBO and it's delicious..#46763 and it's $14.40 for 750ml

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        1. re: Wiley

          almost a year later

          has anyone seen this drink?

          or know of how i can import a case or two through the lcbo?

          1. re: ssainani

            You can get plum wine at the big LCBO by Summerhill (on Yonge just north of the four thieves).

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              The LCBO in Chinatown (Spadina & Baldwin) tends to carry more Asian booze than other ones I've seen. I was usually able to find the Gekkeikan plum wine there.

              1. re: mogo

                if anyone cares --

                I am sorry but the LCBO has not listed our product yet. We hope to have the Choya in the liquor stores within this year.

                Price is estimated to be under $40.00 per 750ml @ 23% alc./vol. especially made for the Canadian market.

                Thank you,

                Shotaro (Sho) Ozawa


                Sales & Marketing Manager

          2. Last ditch source--and pray:

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              actually i just emailed them --- they said to expect it @ the lcbo through them for winter of this year

              1. re: ssainani

                Now that's great news! For many years I have been keeping an eye on where they might carry this in Ontario, finally having given up. All the while I relied on visiting friends from Japan or Hong Kong for a supply, or whenever I travel to those places myself.

                The best part of this brand is that, it is in the lower price range compared to the other plum wines, and yet tastes really good (although I wonder how they would price it in here).

                Also very curious why they'd have them in winter? Choya (and most plum wines) is supposed to be a summer drink.