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Jul 20, 2007 11:12 AM

Any recommendations in Chula Vista?

Does anyone have any good restaurant recommendations in Chula Vista? I will be there Saturday night, but have not been impressed with the dining selections. Am I missing any hidden gems?

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  1. There's that new place in Bonita called Romesco I think, that's not far from Chula.

    1. I've read good things about the sashimi and nigiri at Restaurant Yakata. Saturday should be very slow there.

      2424 Hoover Ave
      National City, CA 91950

      1. If you're up for traditional Italian (red checker tablecloths etc) do Filippi's. On 4th or 5th, north of E Street.

        1. Ah! Hidden gem in Chula Vista! Check out Tango's Grill; Argentine restaurant. I think they are located on Broadway in CV.