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Jul 20, 2007 10:34 AM

Late night drinks in Burbank or Toluca Lake?

I'm meeting a pal for drinks next Wednesday and had hoped to go to Don Cuco on Riverside Drive in Burbank / Toluca Lake. But they close at 10:00 pm. Any other places nearby that anyone can recommend. It doesn't have to be Mexican. Thanks!

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  1. What about McCormick & Schmit's? Not sure how late they stay open but it is definitely geographically desirable for you.

    1. Mexicali on Ventura (in Studio City I think) is open late. The food is forgettable and the service can be laughably bad, but there are not too many places open late in this neck of the woods where one can have food AND drinks.

      I think Chadaka Thai is open until 11:00 on weeknights. It's in downtown Burbank. They have a full bar with pretty good drinks and decent food in a trendy atmosphere.

      1. Ca' del Sole may be open until 11:30 on weeknights (at least acc. to Open Table).

        1. Check out Lucy's 51 on Riverside in Toluca Lake. It's a few blocks west of Don Cuco but it's got 51 varieties of martinis, full liquor, and some really good food.

          Not sure exactly what time they close but I have a feeling they're open late.

          (818) 763-5200
          10149 Riverside Dr
          Toluca Lake, CA 91602

          1. The Starlight at Moorpark and Tujunga is a great little neighborhood place.

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              Thanks for the recommendation, I've always passed by there wondering about that place. The name has a lot of nostalgia for me since when I was little my sisters and I used to pretend we ran a restaurant in the basement of my grandparents' house called 'The Starlight Cafe'!