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Jul 20, 2007 10:14 AM

ISO High-Butterfat Cream in Nashville

We'll be moving to the Nashville area within the year. We're hoping to find a product that in the West is called "manufacturing cream'. It is a higher fat cream (38-42% butterfat) that has NOT been ultra-pasteurized. It is NOT raw and has undergone normal homogenization and pasteurization. Because of the latter, its shelf life is not as long as ultra-pasteurized creams - but it also tastes MUCH better. Restaurants and bakeries frequently use it because the higher fat means it is more stable and doesn't "break" as easily. We like it because of its performance in sauces and its real cream flavor. Ultra-pasteurized just tastes too "cooked".

Anybody out there in the Nashville area know of this or a comparable product? We're not a commercial business and do not need gallons upon gallons every week.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. I live outside of Nashville, so I am interested to see what replies you have. I would try an organic market in East Nashville - The Turnip Truck. I would also inquire at Marche on Main Street in East Nashville. This is owned by the lady who is chef at Margot Cafe. Good luck. It can be frustrating living where you can't get what you want.

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      Smoot60, I emailed Purity Dairy and asked about this type of cream. They said they make a 40% butterfat cream that has NOT been subjected to the UHT process. However, it is mostly used in the restaurant industry or other commercial applications and so may not be available wherever Purity products are distributed. The marketing manager suggested that I have my local grocery story (that already handles Purity products) special order it. Purity also does home delivery (!!!!) so that is also a possibility. I'll be interested in knowing what happens if you try to special order it.