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Jul 20, 2007 10:13 AM

Speaking of Malt Beverages....

Not sure if this is the right place for this or not, but I had a malt beverage in Costa Rica that was...interesting. I bought it thinking it was beer, or at least alcoholic, but it was just a syrupy-sweet, non-alcoholic concoction of malt and hops. It tasted like unfermented wort. Tried the whole two weeks to think of something to make it palatable - various mixers, lemon, whatever - but its hypersaccharinity, to coin a word, overwhelmed everything. Anybody ever try anything like this, or know anything about it? Sorry, I forgot the name, but it was made by the brewery that makes the two locally-brewed beers in Costa Rica, the one in the white can and the one in the yellow can that both taste the same (kinda like Bud).

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  1. Yeah, there are a few different examples of this you can find in Latin markets. Never saw the point in it really. I know of at least two different brands I've seen.

    1. Malta, It basicaly is like a malt soda type drink. It is also popular in India.

      1. Most grocery stores in the NYC metro area that have a "Hispanic" section usually carry one or more brands of malta (Goya's seems most common)- I can find it easily in central NJ and usually have some in the beer 'frig. I'll drink it more as a "soft drink" than a beer substitute, tho' I have mixed it with beer on occasion when I'm trying to slow down my alcohol intake- something real hoppy and/or alcoholic works to cut the sweetness. I think of it as a non-alcoholic really-really-really sweet stout .

        The Lion Brewery (Stegmaier- Pocono- various contract brews for Pabst and others) in Wilkes-Barre, PA makes a LOT of malta marketed under a variety of labels (IIRC, it pretty much pays the bills over there) .

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          Malta, yeah, that's it. Thanks. I won't be looking for it.

        2. some homebrewers suggest keeping some Malta on hand to use as the base for a yeast starter.

          ...haven't done it myself, but seems easier than boiling up some fresh wort all the time...

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              That sounds like a good suggestion. Thanks - I'll give it a try. I guess I will be looking for the stuff after all!