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Jul 20, 2007 09:36 AM

Must Dine in East Beaches

I can't get out of it. We're attending a birthday celebration around Queen & Victoria Park. So far the closest places I've found are: Balsam, Il Fornello, Sauvignon (though I hear they're not nice to unknown patrons), & Spiaggia. Would you recommend any of them? Are there others worth trying? Hubby doesn't like pub grub too much so that's out. Anything else is welcome. Thanks.

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  1. ViVetha. It's on the south side of Queen right by Victoria Pk., and the food is better than most of the Beach standards.

    1. Go To Vi Vetha - Queen and Nursewood. Or Pomegranate, Queen and Beech.
      Skip the rest.

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        Thanks! Do either of these have a patio? Right now I'm leaning towards ViVetha since the chef was formerly with Atlas. Patio could be the dealmaker/breaker.

        1. re: Googs

          ViVetha has a small patio though its not the world's most charming, it's right on Queen at the "neglected" end of the street and nextdoor to a junk shop. My gf loves the place though and it probably is your best bet in the Beach. If you like Indian, Ali's Tandoori House is quite good (but no patio).

      2. Sauvignon is the best restaurant in the beaches, and they're not standoffish when it comes to service. I think people mistake one or two of the servers' reserved demeanours for unfriendliness. If you're into wine ask for Greg (one of the owners) and he'll steer you to something interesting.

        1. I wanted to thank Dragonflygirl, The Nurse, and Dyls for divulging the neighbourhood secret, ViVetha. We had a very nice dinner highlighted by some of the best service I have ever received. He had perfect timing and great people skills. I watched as he served every table well and yet he would be at ours just when we needed him. Oh and Dyls, the patio is just fine. If we ever have to dine in the Beach again that's where we'll be found. Thanks again everyone.

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            ViVetha is good. Pomegranate at Queen and Beech is also good.

          2. I was at Spiaggia several months ago and thought the food was good and found the
            servers to be quite friendly. Maybe it was just in comparison to the terrible date I was on ; )