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Jul 20, 2007 09:05 AM

Imwalle Gardens in Santa Rosa

I used to go here once a week to get fresh organic produce but I stopped going when I moved to Windsor. Anyone know of anywhere to get the same kind of quality fruits and veggies close to me or should I make the drive? Anyone been to Imwalle's lately?

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  1. Tierra Vegetables has a farm stand off Airport Blvd. between 101 and Fulton. It's owned by a very cool brother and sister team who are "true believers," if you know what I mean. They just seem really honest and to truly believe in organic and sustainable farming. They're famous for their chipotle but they grow all kinds of great fruit and veggies as well.

    1. Ha! We drove down from Geyserville to Imwalle a couple of times a week for years. It's worth the drive. G&G is another outstanding place for produce and seafood in Santa Rosa. We'd usually hit both G&G and Imwalles.