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Jul 20, 2007 09:01 AM

Good ethiopian W 40s and 50s

Does anyone have a good recommendation for ethiopian tonight - in the west 40s/50s - we're going to a show on W 45 between 8th and 9th - so near there.

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  1. It's a little west of where you'll be, but Meskerem (47th & 10th) is good. There are better Ethiopian restaurants around town, but Meskerem is still pretty good. They will definitely do spicey if you like (just ask). The injera is really good. Not too much of an atmosphere, though the staff has always been lovely when I've gone.

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      You can also go to Queen of Sheba in the same neighborhood 10th St b/n 47 & 46. I really like their food.

      1. re: Hadi

        I second the rec for Queen of Sheba. It is our go-to Ethieopian in the neighborhood. Plus, we have always been a little leary of Meskerem because it has been shuttered at least twice by DOH. Yuck.

        1. re: kiworan79

          Third Q of S. The food is similar to Meskerem because they used to be owned by the same people. But I find the dishes to be a bit more spicy and flavorful at Q of S than Meskerem.

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            Queen of Sheba is my favorite Ethiopian restaurant in New York, and it is also the only one recommended to me by Ethiopian friends. All of their dishes, particularly their vegetarian dishes, are drier than dishes at other restaurants in the city, and my impression is that the flavor of the individual ingredients stands out more as a result.