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Staying at the Hilton (53rd/6th)

Any recommendations near there?

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  1. What kind of food? What price range? La Bonne Soupe and Burger Joint are good standbys for casual meals. Time Warner Center and its restaurants are nearby for higher end dining and snacks at the Bouchon Bakery.

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      We're having dinner Saturday night at Tavern on the Green for a romantic dinner. Any casual or snacky suggestions would be great.

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        I love Le Bonne Soupe for lunch or dinner, Sushiya on 55th between 5th and 6th has great sushi, The Pump has great salads, falafel, and burgers for lunch (all healhty), Takashimaya Store on 5th and 54th(?) has a really special lunch spot in the basement called Tea Box Cafe. Joe's Shanghai on 56th is good chinese, though the service is bad. You can get a good chicken sandwhich or salad at the many Burger Heavens around.

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          Hey, Carrie,

          It sounds as though you've bought into the tourist books' hype regarding Tavern on the Green. Truth of the matter is that most natives consider it a "tourist trap," i.e., fancy place with sub-par food. And fancy doesn't necessarily = romantic. There are restaurants that offer romantic ambiance *and* delicious food. The consensus among Hounds is that Tavern on the Green is not in that category.

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            Actually it was recommended from a colleague from our branch on Wall St. I will definitely research and probably change reservations if not too late. Thanks!

      2. Hey carrie1403, I would suggest you research the MANY negative posts regarding Tavern On The Green before Sunday.

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          I have to agree on the Tavern on the Green. I dont know anybody who has ever said anything good about it.

          You might try the lobby bar at Mandarin Oriental hotel in Time Warner Center for a spectacular view. Molyvos on 7th and 55th has delicious Greek food. Try the King Cole bar in the St. Regis for some NYC nostalgia. 21 Club (52nd between 5th and 6th_) might be a good alternative to Tavern on the Green. Try Sarabeths on Central Park South for breakfast.

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            Beautifully put. Ditto on your choices, Mellie

        2. Yakitori Totto is good and in that vicinity --- 251 W. 55th Street (between 8th Ave & Broadway).
          No reservation after 7 PM
          Casual Japanese chicken skewers place.
          Good selection of sake :-)

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              I have never eaten at that food cart, but EVERYTIME I am in the City that cart is absolutely mobbed! I stayed at the Hilton for 4 days in JANUARY and my window looked down on it and it was packed! LOL ... the next time I'm there, I'm going to wait in line -- no matter the weather or the mob ...

            2. For upscale comfort food in a trendy, modern atmosphere, try Eatery on 53rd and 9th I think. The food there is always good. On the next corner is Mangia e Bevi, a fun Italian tratorria with music and really good pasta. They even pass out tambourines

              1. yeah, my husband & I will be staying there too next month (he has a conference so we'll be in town early for the US Open so no control over cool hotel, etc.) but want a good local joint for both upscale Americain and exceptional Italian---any ideas??

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                  I have never been, but Bobby Flay's Bar Americain is in the hood. It gets some mixed reviews.

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                    Definitely don't go to Bar Americcain. Expensive prices and mediocre food. Went once for a terrible lunch and will never be back.

                    1. re: G3B

                      I get so tired of recommending against Bar Americain. So, I'm thrilled someone else has taken up the cause. Thanks, G3B! :-)

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                    Upscale restaurants near the Hilton:

                    For New American cuisine, Town, on 56th St., b/t 5th & 6th Avs. Excellent food and a drop-dead gorgeous space.


                    For Italian, Alto, on 53rd St., b/t 5th & Madison Avs.



                    Insieme, in the Michelangelo Hotel, on 7th Av. & 51st St.


                    I am in the negative camp re: Bar Americain. And I would stay far away from Mangia e Bevi. The food is mediocre and worse, it's headquarters for raucous engagement parties and wedding showers.

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                      I think Redeye Grill is really good for seafood - what is the feeling of this place among Chowhounds? I work in the area, and I really enjoy it.

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                        I have always enjoyed the Redeye, as well.

                  3. I had a great lunch at MOMA in their restaurant - I think it is called the "Modern" or the "Moderne" ... very nice and I'd recommend it. Right across the street from the Hilton.

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                      It's called "The Modern." It's a Danny Meyer place and quite popular. There are two rooms: the formal dining room with a view of the MOMA's sculpture garden, as well as the Bar Room, which is more lively and casual. I like the food at both, giving the Bar Room the slight nod.

                      But both can get pretty expensive.

                      1. re: kathryn

                        Yep - the Bar Room, that's where I was ... and if you go to the restroom, make sure the door is LOCKED - b/c it's all unisex and while I THOUGHT the door was locked, I, and the woman who opened the door while I was standing there, got quite a large shock when it swung open! LOL

                    2. You can try Maze at the London Hotel on W. 54th Street (btw 6th and 7th)

                      1. stop in faces and names for a drink...i think's 54 and 7th...nice lil spot

                        1. shanghai joe's, w 56th bt 5th/6th

                          1. il gattopardo right near there. nice italian, also ben benson's one of the better non trendy steakhouses.