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Jul 20, 2007 08:36 AM

Breakfast in Dallas

Interested in suggestions for in Dallas for both a good American breakfast spots as well as good Mexican breakfasts.thanx

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  1. Breakfast or bunch? Ozona, Buzzbrews, Garden Cafe, Dream Cafe, and Blue Mesa are the first that come to mind.

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    1. re: sass

      Oh yes! Blue Mesa's brunch is really very good. It comes with unlimited champagne or mimosas too!

      1. re: HalfBaked

        Bluw Mesa can be good, but it depends on the location. Some have temeprature problems which leaves the food either too hot or (far worse) lukewarm.


    2. My fave is BuzzBrews - they are about the ONLY place that serves real butter and real maple syrup with their pancakes.

      Other than that, I do like the All Good in Deep Ellum. They have killer biscuits. They have real butter, but I think it's Log Cabin syrup.

      Dream Cafe and Breadwinners are also good.

      Mexican breakfast at Cuquita's (sp?) on Henderson - that's where my San Antonio friends like to go. It's too authentic for me...I'm not a fan of lard and all those meat smells.

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          1. re: randyjl

            if you read the words carefully, pepper131 says "They have real BUTTER, but I think it's Log Cabin syrup." nothing at all about log cabin being maple syrup

          2. re: pepper131

            We tried BuzzBrews, it was a perfect spot. Thanks for all of the suggestions.

          3. Cafe Brazil is great for both styles. Food quality varies depending on location. My favorite is in Deep Ellum. Second choice is Cedar Springs. Most of their great breakfast items are under 'signature specials'

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              I second the CB reco...although I've only been to the Lakewood location about a dozen times. Get there early, or wait 'n weep. (being from sa, i didn't know CB had more than one location...when i go to lakewood, we park at the house for the weekend and walk.
              off subject -- why are folks razing the bungalows and building mcmansions in the neighborhood? it's tacky and pathetic.

                  1. re: Webra1

                    Absolutely...I love La Duni on Oaklawn during the weekdays for their limited breakfast menu - a popover, scrambled eggs and gruyere. And killer coffee!!

                    And of course their weekend brunch is fab.

                    1. re: pepper131

                      Just curious if anyone has tried Herrera's for Breakfast. We ate there for lunch the other day and noticed that the menu mentioned that they use homemade chorizo. I think the menu also said something about breakfast being served all day...

                      So far, I think my favorite chorizo is at Cafe Brazil. They make a really good breakfast chili relleno with it.

                    2. re: Webra1

                      I "third" La Duni...Breakfast...wonderful....Breakfast, lunch, and dinner...Yeah, I could just eat at this place for ALL meals, and be very, very happy....

                      1. re: jinet12

                        La Duni is wonderful for brunch, but very busy. As is Tin Star which is always good. But you can't beat the Sunday Brunch Buffet at Ziziki's!


                        1. re: TexasToast

                          Ziziki's is my second favorite! We ate there for dinner last week, and it was very, very good, but their brunch IS hard to beat...especially for the price...

                          1. re: TexasToast

                            You are right, Ziziki's has a fabulous brunch. I was introduced to it at the Ziziki's that used to be located on Coit and Arapaho. It has since closed and the last time I went to Ziziki's for brunch, it was just ok. Not spectacular or 'can't be beat'. That was in May and was the one at Preston/Forest. Might try the Travis Walk one next time.

                            1. re: TexasToast

                              I didn't even know Tin Star had breakfast. Love their gourmet tacos. YUM!

                              1. re: HalfBaked

                                Well, I've had taco's at 8:30. Does that count?


                        2. re: bhoward

                          I second La Duni and Cafe Brazil.

                      2. My favorite breakfast spot in Dallas is Kuby's Sausage House in Snider Plaza. They have wonderful breakfasts and a number of German specialties that always make me happy. They have potato pancakes, excellent french toast, bacon to die for from their meat market in the same building, kassler - which is a smoked pork loin.

                        They do excellent lunches and dinner as well although I don't think dinner is every night.

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                        1. re: dalaimama

                          Don't forget the reopened John's for a little greasy spoon on lower greenville.