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Jul 20, 2007 08:03 AM

Stuff Your Face - New Brunswick

I am convinced that there is no better establishment that I have ever found or anything more gratifying that a Boli at SYF and some quality beers from their selection on a nice night. I had to just express my love for this place.

For any other fans out there.. what is your favorite boli?

I often enjoy the fireman's or the eggplant but lately Ive been doing the "create your own" with shrimp and hot sauce.

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  1. Haven't had a boli in years! But I do remember thinking they were delicious when I was in college. My junior year at Rutgers, 3 or 4 of my housemates worked there and our refrigerator was ALWAYS stuffed with bolis. Hmmm - now that I think of it, I remember feeling a little "over-exposed" to bolis after a while and couldn't eat them anymore.

    But it has been a very long time - I didn't even know Stuff Yer Face was still there. I'm thinking I need to take a trip down to NB with the family and introduce them to bolis - I'm sure they'd be a big hit.

    1. Stuff yer face is a classic, many a saturday night we would time our College Pub Crawls so that we could hit Stuff Yer Face before they closed at 2 am. frankly though I don't remember what my favorite was that was around 20 years ago.

      I was amused when I saw the FN bio of mario battali that he got his culinary start working washing dishes and bussing tables at Stuff Yer Face

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        Why a boli when ya got a grease truck? I like the "atmosphere" and the brews, but find the bolis over rated, but sitting in central Maine right now, I'd happily retract the last comment if I could only have one!

        Brunswick Born

      2. I agree, best place ever, I happened to forget about it in the 20 years since I've been.

        My favorite was the the club with the russian dressing with an american light beer (or 3)

        My lunch as a contractor for Rutgers