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Jul 20, 2007 07:49 AM

Las Vegas, Swish, Togoshi Ramen

Has anyone been to either of these places that could provide some feedback please?

Many thanks.


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  1. I've been to Swish and thought it was good. I tried both the shabu shabu and the sukiyaki. Not the best meal I've ever had, but one I definitely enjoyed and I plan to go back to Swish. IIRC, one of the dishes we got was the seafood shabu shabu. It was okay, but I think that choosing one of the other shabu shabu options would probably be better. Service was great and very friendly, and cooking the food yourself adds a bit to the experience.

    1. Hit Togoshi Ramen over the weekend... food was pretty solid. Good selection of typical Japanese noodle house food. I had the shoyu ramen and enjoyed it a lot. The place itself is definitely a hole in the wall, emphasis on the food rather than the decor.

      1. went to togoshi ramen sometime last year and i agree with brisket, it is good, traditional japanese ramen house. i am pretty sure i had the shoyu ramen as well and i was really happy with it...very tasty and the noodles were the right kind of chewy, not mushy. not expect ambiance. if i remember correctly, it was in a really shady area of town and we went at 9pm...i highly reccomend going for lunch if you are squeamish about that sort of thing. and bring cash.

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          They take credit cards now... think it's a $20 minimum though.

        2. Togoshi Ramen makes the best yakisoba in Vegas, and their mabo-ramen is very good as well.

          Just don't go there after the sun goes down- to say it's in a "shady area" of town isn't really letting you know how SCARY it really is. Very, very ghetto. Go for lunch instead, or have at it, if you have a CCW. *laughs* (you'll know the joke, if you have one)

          1. It looks like Togoshi Ramen is the latest casualty of the Las Vegas economic malaise; a stop on the way from the airport showed a Closed sign, and their phone number has been disconnected. A shame if they are indeed gone.

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              No big loss, IMHO. Togoshi's quality had dropped to me many years ago. The horrid location never helped their case either.
              I went there about 3 months ago after work, and got their mabo ramen. It was so weak, flavorless..I had to add alot of shouyu and rayuu to make it even palatable. 10 years ago this place was so good, but it limped along in the past few years. Ramen from Yokohama Kaigenro is so much better. Their mabo ramen is food of the gods! Spicy and full of ground pork, I treat myself every other week to it.

              Swish is great! Alot of fun, service is quite good, and the staff is helpful. I enjoyed myself emmenly, just wish they were on my side of town. I got sukiyaki, and loved it.

              1. re: Honeychan

                Just wanted to post an update: I swung by Togoshi's after work last night. Yes, they are VERY closed. By the city, with a glowing orange sticker slapped across the door jamb. Looks like they were evicted for not paying the rent, after looking over a few other papers taped up in front, as well.

                Funny, how I had posted 2 years ago that I really enjoyed them, but then posted how much I now disliked them. I wonder if they had new ownership/mangament to account for the decline?

                1. re: Honeychan

                  Where are Swish and Yokohama Kaigenro?

                    1. re: janetofreno

                      Yokohama Kaigenro is across the street from The Hard Rock Hotel, in a now almost-empty strip mall. It's right across Hoffbrau Haus, as well. I think Kaigenro, a mini-mart and dry cleaners are the only operational businesses open in it! (scary, Vegas restos have really suffered in the economy!!)

                      Yokohama Kaigengro also now closes at 1am, not 2am any longer. They really have great ramen, I think i'll go tonite!