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What to serve alongside crab cakes...?

Although I'm still trying to figure out which of several promising recipes to try for making crab cakes, the next challenge is deciding what type of sauce or salsa to serve alongside. Your recommendations...?

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  1. Last time I made them, I made a basil mayo and it was great. I also made a saffron mayo, which was good, but not as good as the basil.

    Usually though, I just like them plain!

    1. A squeeze of fresh lemon is my preference.

      1. This is a variation on a Somali sauce for baked/grilled chicken, which I served with crab cakes last summer, and it was well received: yoghurt, salt, lime juice, finely minced corriander leaf, seeded and finely minced chili pepper, like jalapeno. Just play with the proportions to taste.

        1. I make a mixture of Mayo, Dijon mustard , Lemon juice , S&P.

          We use it with crabcakes, fish and even artichokes.

          1. Seconding the suggestion for yogurt-based sauce, which can be refreshing in hot weather: I like a crabcake sauce make by whizzing up Greek yogurt* and roasted red peppers in a food processor or blender, with a squeeze of lemon juice and salt/pepper.

            Tzatziki also makes a good crabcake garnish (Greek yogurt mixed with grated, salted, drained cucumber, minced garlic, lemon juice, chopped mint, and salt/pepper).

            * If you can't get Greek yogurt at your local market(s), you can just line a sieve or colander with a clean dish cloth or coffee filter papers and strain plain supermarket yogurt for half-an-hour or so until it's thick and creamy.

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              I must have done something wrong! I took my favorite greek yogurt (Fage), and piece by piece added roasted red pepper (after draining it). It had no taste and was really runny....

            2. A simple homemade corn relish:

              Pour a glass of wine .....................

              Cut the kernels off of 2-3 earns of fresh corn
              Saute in olive oil for a few minutes to release the sugars
              Add some minced garlic or shallots, saute for another minute or two
              Toss with some sliced (in 1/2) grape tomatoes, red onion, and fresh parsley
              Season to taste with apple cider vinegar, cayenne pepper, salt, and a touch of honey

              Pour another glass of wine and enjoy your crab cakes................

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                  A local restaurant makes a fresh salsa/relish much like what you've described, with a couple of variations: shallots for the red onion, cilantro for the parsley, and diced mango in place of the grape tomatoes. It's served with their crab cakes along with a plating sauce that tastes like a whole grain mustard mixed with plain yogurt, a little bit of mayo, and what seems like honey. The sauce and the salsa/relish are marvelous - the crab cakes fail to excite *sigh*.

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                    Sounds like a nice twist. I just really do not like cilantro as I find it tastes like soap !

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                      It's funny, but sometimes it tastes like soap to me and sometimes it doesn't - and I haven't a clue as to why that is. Anyway, I like the addition of the mango - it adds a fun twist (my mother "stole" the recipe and now serves that with grilled fresh-caught salmon - it's excellent!).

                2. Plain yogurt mixed with a healthy amount of fresh wasabi.

                  1. I made avocado salsa (lazy Sunday-style) - diced up avocado, squirt of lime, coupla spoons prepared (mango) salsa. The slightly sweet salsa was nice with the crab, and the avocado gave a rich counterpart.

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                      This is what we had for dinner this evening: crab cakes with caper tartar sauce and corn/black bean salad with a lime basil vinaigrette. Unfortunately there was no wine, only freshly brewed peach iced tea.

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                        DH and I ate cc every week for about 2 months. In the end this was the remoulade that came up with and ALWAYS get incredible reviews on. Leftovers are great on steamed veggies, salads, and sandwhiches.

                        J&T’s Remoulade Sauce

                        1 c. mayo
                        ¼ c. chili sauce
                        2-3 T. Dijon mustard
                        1 T. Old Bay seasoning
                        2 T. lemon juice
                        2 t. Worcestershire sauce
                        1 large shallot, finely chopped
                        2 T. chopped fresh parsley
                        1 clove garlic, minced
                        1 t. chili powder
                        1 t. salt
                        ½ t. ground pepper

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                          Can you share your recipe for the corn/black bean salad, please?

                      2. Prior to my one and only food allergy-CRAB ;( My usual topping was a flavored mayo type dressing. As simple as lime or chipotle. A salad of greens is always a good choice and I love a corn relish with crab cakes. Corn and crab go so well together.

                        1. The taste of crab in a crabcake is wonderfully subtle. I'd think any sort of sauce would just cover that up. Just a little squeeze of lemon, at most. Or if the guests really insist, a little cup of melted butter-lemon-parsley.

                          Likewise for the crabcake recipe, go for the simplest one you can find (crab, breadcrumb, a little mayo, a tiny bit of mustard) and count on the crab and the fried crispiness to provide all the flavor you need.

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                            ah, for the same reason you don't like sauces, i think you should leave the breadcrumbs out of it! never made them myself, but my family makes them with egg to somehow hold together. i must get that recipe!

                            i agree that a lemon's all you need, but that remoulade above sounds lovely too!