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Good Seafood restaurant


Does anyone know of a really good seafood restaurant in the city?...preferably one participating in restaurant week

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      1. Note that Mermaid Inn and Pearl Oyster Bar are not participating in RW.

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          Thank you, RGR, I was wondering the same thing!

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            It's easy to figure it out, Leah. Just check the alphabetically-arranged list on the NYC& Co. :-)


        2. I just had lunch at Perry Street for restaurant week. While not a seafood restaurant, my entire meal consisted of top quality seafood dishes. Started with artic char sahimi and then followed up with a blue fin tuna burger. Delicious in every way. Enjoy!

          1. esca is a really good seafood place that is also participating in restaurant week

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              Thanks everyone! I started out completely clueless but now I have a few restaurants that I can try.

            2. Oriental Garden in Chinatown. You can't beat freshness.

              1. Never been disappointed by Aquagrill. And I agree on Oriental Garden as well.

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                  I love Mermaid Inn too & went last week even though no RW participation, plus you get free desert there anyway ;)

                  Going to Lure this week myself

                  I also like Roy's. it's sort of Hawaiian-fusion seafood, and people tend to not know about the place. Their RW menu last week included macadamia crusted mahi mahi with lobster sauce (bisque-like) and chive & bacon mashed potatoes, a butterfish option, and an awesome, although small filet mignon. Appetizers included a chinese chicken salad and a dim sum sampler.

                  Ocean Grill, or maybe Blue Water Grill is participating but I haven't eaten there.

                2. I'm thinking of Lure Fishbar for RW dinner tonight, but they don't have a RW menu up on their website. Anyone have any thoughts?

                  mlt9, did you end up going?

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                    No, sorry...I am not going to RW until friday.

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                      just saw this again now, but i did end up at Lure, and it was fabulous- my new fave seafood place... i've essentially been working down the block from it for years, or whenever it opened, and just thought it would be too expensive, but it's deifnitely on par with most other seafood places...i will definitely be back, often!

                      the service was impeccable, from the hosts, managers checking in, amazing waitress to the busboys- all perfect and clearly paying attention to detail. that really made a huge impact.
                      food was delicious- apps were raw bar, with 4 oysters and 2 shrimp cockatil, tempura shrimp, and clam chowder w/bacon (SO good). we also tried the softshell crab special. i dont usually eat that, but tasted and liked it.

                      entrees were a tuna, apparently cooked rare and perfectly ( i don't eat that either) and mahi mahi with bok choy, perfectly done and i don't remember the 3rd...

                      we enjoyed the deserts as well, though all we had had an ice cream component. there was a panna cotta choice too, but had had it the night before at another restaurant so skipped that one. we got ice cream sandwiches, a cinammon affogato, and a really moist, great chocolate cake w/ pistacio ice cream.

                      overall, wonderful experience and i'm kicking myself for not just trying it sooner, but i guess i was still mourning the loss of canteen's mac & cheese!

                      had a few great strong gin drinks as well.

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                        Great report! Glad you liked Lure.

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                          I must have missed it, what happened to Canteen's mac and cheese?

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                            thanks- it was great!

                            lure's in the former canteen space, thus no canteen, no mac & cheese. i don't think any of their current restaurants serve it... but the touch of bacon on the chowder at lure reminded me a little of the bacon you could get on the mac & cheese at canteen...

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                              Oops, I misread Canteen as Cafeteria. My fault!
                              Thanks for clearing that up.

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                            I ate at Lure for the first time last night. I enjoyed it, and will go back, but I'm not quite ready to sing its praises as much as you. The experience started badly. While waiting for a friend, I took a seat at the bar. The bartender came over, took my order and served me my drink without saying a word. Not a word. She just stood in front of me to communicate that she was ready to take my order. I told her what I wanted, and she just walked away, made it and served it without saying a single word. Not even a "you're welcome" to my thank you.

                            But otherwise the service was very good. My friend and I shared the beat salad, the lobster tempura roll, the yellowtail and jalapeno roll, and the crab cake appetizer. It was all very good, but not extraordinary. It was good enough, however, that I'll go back and try some other stuff.

                            I also enjoyed the music they were playing, all of which dated to my late '70s/early 80's high school days.

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                              I did not go to any seafood restaurants because my friends decided that they wanted steak instead so we went to Ruth's Chris. I enjoyed it, the steak was juicy and the Hemmingway Daiquri packed a punch. After reading the high evaluations of Lures Fishbar, I regret not going.