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Good restaurants near 30th st. station?

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Was just wondering what good, not exorbitantly expensive restaurants are close to 30th st. station. My friend has a train to catch at 720pm back to New York on Sunday, and wanted to catch a bite to eat oustide of the train station before he heads out. Thanks!

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  1. Across from 30th Street Station is the Cira Bldg.
    Rae's is a fine dining place. You can't do much better than that place for good food and convenience to the station.

    Here, view this:


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      I was going to say Rae, also. Lovely modern spot with great food. And I love the Cira Center light show.

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        Thanks everyone for your help! I'll check it out!

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        Do you know if Rae's is baby / child friendly at lunch time?

      3. try bridgewaters in the station...some of the best pub food in philly...good prices too