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Dec 24, 2005 03:06 PM

Richmond - East Bay Pizza - Se Habla Espanol & Portugues - Brazilian

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Delivery is available to Albany, El Cerrito, El Sobrante, Pinole, Point Richmond, Richmond and San Pablo ... no delivery charge ... no minimum.

Since my calculating car chose a Saturday and the day before Christmas to break down, I thought I'd give this place on San Pablo Avenue a try. I think it is new.

I was surprised that it was really decent. It's no contender in the pizza wars, but tasty and inexpensive - $10 for a large 16" cheese pizza (tax included). It is like North Beach pizza before it went bad - a thick layer of mozzarella with enough souce. The crust is thick, soft and bready, but good.

It arrived super hot and the delivery guy was really cheerful.

There are a few unusual items. Under sandwiches there is something called Brazilian X Salada. Have no clue.

The pizza can be ordered with Guadalajara Sauce ... again, no clue.

The Gourmet Vegetarian looks good - white sauce, spinach, bell pepper, feta, zucchini and broccoli.

Twenty seven toppings are available: Pepperoni, salami, ham, sausage, anchovies, bell peppers, zucchini, tomatoes, spinach, linguica, BBQ chicken, marinated chicken, beef, mushrooms, green onions, bacon, feta, ricotta, olives, pineapple, jalepenos, artichokes, x-cheese, garlic, pesto and broccoli.

They also have entrees, pastas, salads, wings, soup, garlic bread and toasted ravioli. The most expensive item on the menu is the x-large "18 all meat pizza ($20.45). There's lot's of coupon spsecials too, if this is too heavy for your pocket book. Ask when you call.

Again, nothing amazing, but quite respectable.

East Bay Pizza

12847 San Pablo Ave
Richmond, CA 94805
510 233 1920

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  1. i'm curious, is there a listing in one place of all the brazilian/pizza places around the bay? i'm aware of 1) mozarella di bufala; 2) cybelle's (??i think??) in daly city strip mall next to archery place (formerly fairtex muay thai) kind of in between house of catfish and ribs, in-n-out, and hawaiian drive-in; 3) can't remember name but located in berkeley on university near shattuck, up the street from eastwind books; 4) also can't remember name but in berkeley on MLK maybe 3 blocks north of university. any good feijoada?

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    1. re: ken ivorous

      Well, this place just advertises that one Brazilian salad (or sandwich?)

      However, it could have the makings of a Brazlilian pizza, depending on the definition.

      Even Mozzarella di Bufalo doesn't have anything that looks like this picture from a Brazilian site.



      1. re: ken ivorous

        3) The place on University near Shattuck is long gone. But the replacement pizza joint is now hanging a sign advertising Indian food as well. I'm going to see if they do a tikka masala and saag pizza.

        4) MLK 1.5 blocks N of Univ near Hearst - Nino's. It's still around although I rarely see anyone in there. I've seen flyers for special Brazilian events there but for the most part it's essentially delivery only unless you like eating in a quiet empty room.

        1. re: Dan Tongzhi

          thanks for the info comrade. i'd be interested to know the results of the tikka masala and saag pizza.

          1. re: Dan Tongzhi

            I still get into Nino's now & then, but I've never had the pizza. Almost always get picadinho, although I've had feijoada there, and it's about as good as feijoada can be, if you didn't grow up on the stuff.

            Chief virtue is that it's the closest place I know for picadinho, which is sort of like a chopped beef and corn stew, except at Nino's is a little closer to beef stroganoff.

          2. re: ken ivorous

            Try Brazil Cafe, 1983 Shattuck. Tri-tip sandwiches and feijoada. The inside place of the little shack on University, Brazil Fresh Squeeze.

            Someone else's picture:


          3. They also sell empadas, pastelaos, crème de morango, crème de maracuja and, yes, they do sell Brazilian pizza.

            There was one more thing on the menu at the bottom that was $8. Turned out not to be food, but “engregamos acimade” ... minimum delivery $8.

            The x-salada was a mighty sandwich with at least three inches of filling between a sesame seed bun, held together by a white paper sandwich bag. The filling included a hamburger, egg, bacon, hot dogs (cut lengthwise), tomato, lettuce, a white cheese, canned corn, and topped, so to speak, with lots of crunchy fried potato stix.

            Isn’t so much as topped, but buried in potato stix. At first it looked like a bag filled with potato stix.

            This is not flavorful enough by itself for the Brazilians because there were also squeeze bottles of mayonnaise and ketchup brought to the table with the sandwich. Actually, they gave people ordering pizza the ketchup and mayo bottles.

            It wasn’t bad. There was something for almost every taste in there. At this point, health and calories were no longer a consideration so I drizzled it with the ketchup and mayo which brought the tastes together, if that was possible.

            I’ve been corrupted by unusual potato products in hamburgers since eating hamburgers with French fries in Greece. The potato sticks were even better than fries, giving the sandwich a crunchy, potato chip taste and texture. I MIGHT live to 2006, but who knows after eating this.

            It wasn’t like a few bites would give a feel for the sandwich. There was some new surprise in every bite. The bacon was discovered half way thru and the cheese toward the end.

            The sandwich took 15 minutes to put together and cost $6.

            I spent the time watching Portuguese soap operas on TV while waiting. I might eat there just for that show. This one guy tries to take advantage of a farmer’s daughter and gets thrown into the pig sty complete with six pigs standing in the slop. And holy cow, the fashion statement, think Evita with the upswept hairdos.

            The rest of the items on the menu are only available, if I got this correctly, on Saturday. Like pizza and burgers, this is street food, so don’t expect a sit down place serving a lot of Brazilian dishes.

            After eating at almost every Portuguese place in the Bay area, it only seems right to end the year at a Portuguese-speaking Brazilian Pizza joint.

            The food gods were in on this one. On Dec 24 th the car breaks down so I order a pizza from this place for lunch because they deliver. Today I take the car to the mechanic who is located a half block away from East Bay Pizza, so lunch again. It was meant to be. I see Brazilian pizza in my future. Perhaps New Year’s Eve. Hopefully the food gods are appeased ... or calling me home.

            Here’s a link to the general board discussing some of those snacks. This picture gives an idea of the x-salada sandwich in a white paper bag ... except mine was bigger ... with more meat and less lettuce ... and corn ... and buried in potato stix.



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            1. re: rworange

              If you should find yourself in Berkeley, Korean-operated Bear Ramen House on Durant sells coxinha . . . get your head around that one. (g)

            2. Does anyone know if this place still has Brazilian stuff? Esp. pastelao? They have a website. I'll maybe give them a call if I remember.

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              1. re: twocents

                The place has changed owners a few times from my understanding. The pastelao was a few owners ago. For some reason the x-tudo stayed on the menu last I looked, but there isn't much Brazilian stuff. The best place for Brazilian pizza remains Mr. Pizza Man off of 23rd and Macdonald. Not pizza but some good Brazilian dishes, 25 West in Point Richmond.

                1. re: rworange

                  place link

                  Mr Pizza Man
                  353 24th St, Richmond, CA 94804

                  1. re: rworange

                    See the place link below.

                    Mr. Pizza Man has a small dining room besides the carry out counter for pizza and such. Marmitex is now $10, but for the amount of food it is fair. The beef acebolado is a steak with grilled onions. It doesn't seem particularly Brasilian by itself (it never does; I've had it at other places), but it is accompanied by some fried plantains, yucca and squash and green beans; rice, a salad with tomato and mango, and a bowl of red or pinto bean, stewed with ham and/or bacon and onion to a soft, rich goodness.

                    Today there were at least eight salgados- coxinha, pastelao with meat, pastelao with corn and cheese, empanada with meat, empanada with chicken curry (v. mild), quibe, and two different pie pastries with cheese or meat. These were all pretty good, albeit a bit salty, and I like salty. I particularly liked the coxinha and pastelao- that potato dumpling dough is pretty nice here.

                    They also have a selection of tropical fruit juices, some desserts and a selection of kebabs, including, if I am not mistaken, chicken hearts. I didn't try these.

                    But, Brasilian food and salgados alive and kicking at Mr. Pizza Man.

                    1. re: twocents

                      Wow ... thanks for the update. I haven't been there since they added the salgados.

                      1. re: rworange

                        thank you for your work.

                        just to be clear, although this thread starts with East Bay Pizza, the April 9 comments refer to Mr. Pizza Man, a different restaurant.

                        Your previous comments: