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Jul 20, 2007 06:56 AM

Crab shacks - Clemente's or Cross Bay Boulevard?

We are planning to go out for crabs tonight, and wonder if we should drive to Clemente's or try one of the small places on Cross Bay Boulevard closer to home. Anyone have experience with the Queens crab shacks?

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  1. Captain Mike' on Cross Bay is pretty good. I've never been to Clemente's. Clemente's is on Emmon's? You would certainly have a better view of the waters on Emmon's than Cross Bay. Especially by Belt Pkwy E. path where the wind surfers hang.

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    1. re: bigmackdaddy

      I used to go to Capt Mikes on Cross bay. I actually had a boat at the marina. But as of late 2006 they have been gone. Did they reopen???

    2. We've had a tough time finding crab or clam shacks within the five boroughs that are worth the travel, truly yummy, and reasonably priced. My feeling is either you go way out of the City to actual seafood "shacks" (MD or NJ for crabs, NJ or New England for clams/lobster, LI for good but expensive clams/lobster) or you pay for one of the (very few!) good seafood restaurants in the City. One crab semi-highlight is the bar 3B in the East Village - which has an all-u-can-crack crab special on Mondays ($24 per person).

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        i though b3 had been closed for a while now...?

      2. I haven't been to any of the Queens crab shacks, so I'd be curious what they're like, myself. But I do like Clemente's, if only for the feeling that you're not in NYC. I went this weekend: