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Jul 20, 2007 06:44 AM

Vegetarian-friendly near Grant Park?


I'm looking to take my grandmother to a nice-ish (not too expensive) restaurant near Grant Park tonight. She doesn't eat any meat products or eggs, so I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions for a place that has plenty of vegetarian or vegan options.



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  1. Near, as in walking distance? If not, my first thoughts would be a quick drive up to Reza's or a drive to Chinatown. Reza's fits the "nice-ish (not too expensive)" part of the bill. Mid eastern fare in a decent setting. Nice dark wood/brass bar area. One of my standby's. Nothing TOO spectacular, but there are a few standouts. Try the mushrooms, baba ghannouj, and vegetarian shami (falafel in pomegranite and walnut sauce.) If you are a meat eater, I normally go for the dark meat chicken kabobs. nice, lemony, charry, juicy - mmmmm. I haven't had much luck with the vegetarian "stew" type dishes, but of course ymmv.
    432 w. ontario

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      Thanks, I'll have to try Reza's. I think, though, it has to be within an easy walking distance of Grant Park for the sake of my grandmother's knees.

    2. When I think somewhat nice, fair priced, vegetarian options, and that area, I think Russian Tea Time.

      Menus are online to browse - there are tons of veg options.

      It may not be exactly an easy walk, but it would be a cheap cab ride, it's on Adams and is right across from the Art Institute and next door to the Symphony Center. You may want to call right away if it looks good for a reservation. Otherwise, they typically keep two small tables available for walk ins.