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Dinner with a bonus

Looking for a GTA location for the following mid August dinner with friends; not necessarily to participate in, but to watch for sure.
1. Tapas and flamenco/salsa OR
2. Argentinian or Brazilian with meat on swords (I read the recent thread about the Brazilian in Niagara and that looks good) OR
3. Mexcian fare

Good tasting food is a must first. If there is not a place to fit the dinner and a bonus requirement, then an interesting dinner would be great. If desperate, we will drive to Niagara for dinner.

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  1. Babaluu for dinner followed by salsa. http://www.babaluu.com/
    LuLa Lounge for dinner (very good food) followed by live band, often salsa, usually latin. http://www.lulalounge.ca/
    Red Violin Brazilian Steakhouse for dinner followed by live shows Thurs-Sat.
    Have fun!

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      OOHH - Those both look great! Anyone been and eaten at either?

    2. Mexican in TO? Sounds good. I look forward to others answer on this one!


      1. Everytime we're in TO we want to go here, but aren't sure because we have never met anyone who has been and we always go by word of mouth over beautfiul websites or flashy advertisements.

        1. I am going to second Lula Lounge...I have been twice for concerts, and have eaten there on both occasions....amazing South American cocktails...they make wonderful caipirinhas, and the food was good. We had the prix fixe menu and it was good value, and the flavours were good, we both had the steak and it was perfectly cooked. Look on the website, I think they have salsa lessons on Friday night! The menu is also on the webpage.

          1. In terms of Mexican cuisine, by far the nicest looking spot in the city to eat it is Milagro in the entertainment district. I could be wrong, but all of the other Mexican spots I can think of are hole-in-the-walls (some with great food, however). Milagro has good food and a nice, bright new room - upscale cantina is their theme.


            1. Any reviews on the food of all of the aforementioned places? If you ate there, what did you have and how was it?

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                Milagro squeaked into the final spot on the Toronto Life "best new restaurants" of the year list: http://www.torontolife.com/features/b...

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                  I took The Boy out to Milagro for his birthday dinner a couple of months ago. It's definitely better than many of the other similarly-priced restos in the Entertainment District, but it's a bit of a mixed bag.

                  Service was definitely so-so. Drinks were ordered before the food, but only arrived after we were halfway into our first plate. I also had to ask for the bill twice, even though I had told the waiter from the start that we needed to leave by a specific time to catch a play. Given that the place was nearly empty when we arrived, I guess our server just wasn't quite on the ball (or might have been a bit inexperienced).

                  Food, on the other hand, was fantastic. We ordered a variety of appetizers to share and were very impressed - the seviche was easily the best I've had in town. Based on that, we'll probably give it another try just to see if it was an off night for service (other friends have not had the same problems).

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                    Food at LuLa Lounge is very good.

                  2. I think we might skip Milagros. I will check on the Toronto Life site for additional reviews.

                    1. PLEASE HELP US (YES, I KNOW I AM SCREAMING!). WE have changed from dinner to after theatre get together instead (which would relate to another post about late night munchies to which I got no responses).
                      Here are the reasons we are having a problem:
                      1. Most of these places close at 11pm which is when the show gets out; we are going to probably be somewhere at 11:15pm.
                      2. Lulalounge does not have the appetizers/tapas and we won't be there for dinner.
                      3. Babalu is a possibility; how upscale. Will be dressy casual from relaxed night.
                      4. Redviolin - We will definitely go when we can have a full dinner there.
                      5. Milagros will be closed at that time.

                      Leaning toward Babalu; do we need to make a reservation for late night?
                      Anyone eaten or drank there; any specialities not to be missed?
                      Any other recs?

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                        It's not Spanish/Mexican, but you might like the Reservoir Lounge.

                        It's close to the theatre district, open late, has decent food and good cocktails - and some pretty good entertainment, if you like jazz/swing music. Plus, it's a more mature crowd without being at all geriatric.


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                          The Reservoir Lounge is a fantastic suggestion. Great music (it's where Michael Buble got his start in Toronto), great vibe. Food is not bad at all -- decent super-thin crust pizzas for nibbling and a bunch of different appetizers for sharing.

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                            I will check that one out, then. Mature - yes, geriatric - no.