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Jul 20, 2007 06:21 AM

Saturday lunch in Midtown West?

Can anyone recommend an exceptional restaurant near W. 54th St. for lunch on Saturday, August 11? The four of us will try anything as long as it is GOOD. Any suggestions are appreciated!

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  1. Amalia in the Dream Hotel...creative, tasty food, striking decor....

    1. Cozy, good food - La Bonne Soupe:

      I don't know if they have lunch on the weekends, but the Tea Box Cafe downstairs in the Takashimaya department store on 5th ave is definitely special, and amazingly, not expensive.

      1. Eatery for awesome, upscale comfort food. Not too expensive, modern but comfortable inside. For a fun Italian meal with music and tambourines, Mangia e Bevi is great. It's an inexpensive trattoria.

        1. not sure if they do lunch on saturday but The Modern could be a good choice.