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Jul 20, 2007 05:34 AM

Steamer Clam Ideas please

We are going to Maine for a week near an extremely pristine place for digging steamers (its the only time all year that I eat clams). Besides steamed clams and chowder, any interesting ideas would be appreciated. All my cookbooks tend to use the other kind of clams (littlenecks) in most of the recipes. Nothing too elaborate as we will be visiting a non serious cook. Thanks.

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    1. Batter and Fry! All the best fried clams in Maine are whole belly clams (steamers) that are dredged in batter (not crumbs).

      1. Can someone explain to me the difference between Steamers and Clams? Or is there a difference?

        When I was younger, I worked at a bulk food store that would put on a "Fish Show" every 2 weeks. We would sell Alaskan King Crab, Shrimp/Prawns, and Steamers. The line for the Steamers was easily twice as long as the other two COMBINED!

        Ian Lewis

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          A steamer's just a soft shell clam (that's usually steamed).

          Beloved up here in New England. Even a popular tailgate food at Pats games.

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            It is my understanding that when someone speaks of "Clams" they are referring to the Hard Clam or Quahog, pronounced in Boston "Ko-Hog", When they are referring to "Steamers" usually they are referring to littlenecks, topnecks, or the smaller cherrystone variety. The "Clams" that most are usually speaking of when talking about "Chowda" are the larger "Chowder Clams" or Quahogs. Hope this helps...another Bahstonian doing his best !!!

          2. Clams Casino are always great with a nice cold beer !!

            1. I'm a purist when it comes to those yummy, soft-shell steamers. Either steam or fry them, with minimal seasoning. Anything else will obliterate that delicate, fresh-from-the-sea flavor. Besides, their big 'stomachs' are probably not all that appealing when chopped up into recipes. Dig up some quahogs if you must exercise your creative culinary talents!