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Jul 20, 2007 05:00 AM

Chicken Salad at old Harley Sandwich Shops [Moved from DC/Baltimore Area board]

A friend of mine is looking for the recipe for the chicken salad sandwichs served at the Harley Shops in the Baltimore area. I am not even sure if one is left or not.

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  1. Still hoping some former employee will remember the recipe. Thanks.

    1. Hi Shunick! Being from Baltimore, I was curious aboutyour question, because I had never heard of Harley Shops or the Harley sandwich. Google turned up that Harley Brinsfield was a radio personality in the 50s and 60s who had a weekly jazz program on WBAL and also owned a small, local chain of sandwich shops. Most of the google references were from a book published in 1995 by Michael Olesker (former Balt Sun columnist, current Balt Examiner columnist). Have you tried writing to him and asking? Minimum, he might know if any of Harley's decendents are around, and they might be willing to share the recipe. Alternatively, you could try contacting Elizabeth Large at the Balt Sun and asking her to put out a request for you. Going through the Sun would make it much more likely that you'd reach someone who could help. Sorry if any of these seems obvious to you; I wish I could help more!

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        Thank you so much. In the past Elizabeth Large has written back for me to contact the restaurant directly as they do not want here to have the recipe and publish it. I'll try contacting Michale.

      2. I absolutely LOVED Harley's fish sub. Add one of their terrific chocolate shakes and it's pure heaven. I've been telling my kids stories about Harely's for 20 years. Does anyone know where they got their sub rolls? I think it was the bread that gave it the unique taste. Any insight is greatly appreciated!