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Jul 20, 2007 02:44 AM

Dining in Warrensburg, Mo?

I'll be on a business trip this week to Warrensburg and wanted to see if there is anything out there worth visiting for dinner?

KC MO is ~1/5 hrs away, so that's a serious haul if we wanted to go for dinner and get back to go to work the next day. :(

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  1. Warrensburg is only 61 miles away from KC. I think it would be worth the trip.

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        It looks a but pretentious - have you eaten there and what did you think?

      2. Knob Knoster is just a bit outside Warrensburg, this place does a good business

        BILL SHARP'S COUNTRY BAR-B-Q 521 NE 300 KNOB NOSTER, MO (660) 747-9011 ...

        Also, Sedalia is about 1/2 hour from Warrensburg. Wheel Inn, Kehde's BBQ, a divey Cajun place are all there.

        If it were me, I would rather drive to Sedalia and miss the traffic on Highway 50 coming into KC

        1. Just had dinner at Hero's in Warrensburg - KC Strip Sirloin and Fries. The steak was appropriately cooked to medium but it was obviously a 'bag' steak (food service quality).
          Dessert was a 'homemade' cheesecake that had more substance than the steak did! While good, it was a bit leaden towards the end.

          The service was as attentive as could be expected for a bar with pretensions as restaurant.

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            sorry i know this is a little late, but i went to school in warrensburg and there are a few gems. there is a run down chinese joint right next to the school (across from the library called Hong Kong express. it looks like a shack and pretty much is, but they serve the BEST egg drop soup--thick, with chunks of chicken and veggies . if you dine in, it free and self serve! the sweet and sour chicken/ seseme chicken are huge hunks of breast meat the size of golf balls and it really was too much (i didnt really like em) but their egg foo young with a side of semesne sauce is amazing! i ate at this place probably once every other day or something 4-5 days in a row. the food is DIRT cheap. heros is OK, has some decent and not so decent things on the menu. copper coyote is a student fave and one of best friends family's owned the restaurant so we were freqent visitors...the spinach enchiliadas are good. Food is spiced appropriately unlike some mexi restaurants who are afraid to offend american palates. El verquez right across from hastings bookstore is great! Thier chicken nachos are the best ive had anywhere. huge chunks of chicken doused in it doesnt sound glamourous but trust me it is. There a coffee shop on the corner of pine street (party street) that is local and a lot of stundents hang out and study. Good drinks and great owners. Fitters on pine has some ok food, but really, any restaurant on pine is more a drinking establishment...they have some great drink specials thurs, friday and sat--most bars do considering the clientele

            whatever you do, stay away from perry fosters...nasty dry bbq.