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Jul 20, 2007 12:03 AM

Visiting SF, where to eat?

Hi! My boyfriend and I will be visiting San Francisco in August and I"m looking for some places to eat. We'll be blowing most of our food budget on a meal at Chez Panisse and will be doing breakfast on our own. Other than that, I"m looking for recommendations for any type of food that's not too spendy and would be interesting for a couple of twenty-somethings. Lunch and dinner recommendations are both welcome. We particularly like seafood as well!

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  1. In the last few years, Peruvian restaurants have permeated the SF scene. All of them have great fish & seafood ceviches. I personally just go to my local one (Karamanduka or something like that since it's two blocks away), but there are a plethora around that I'm sure other Chowhounds will recommend. I will say that Fresca has really gone down hill. Must be the 3 locations diluting the product. I've heard good things about one called Fina Estampa (Van Ness and Geary) that is supposed to be cheaper than the rest and very good. Nevertheless, I'd look for other's input on this since I've only been to Fresca and Karamanduka.

    Another great place for seafood is Fish in Sausalito. I think it's the old chef from Masa's place. It's a 15 min drive from SF in one of the most beautiful towns in CA. I don't think they take credit cards (FYI).

    1. You'll get more responses if you can give us some parameters.

      1) What do you mean by "not too spendy"? Dollar amount, including tax, tip, and beverages.
      2) What do you mean by "interesting"? Are you looking for cuisines that you can't find in your hometown? Where is home? What are you favorite restaurants?
      3) Are you planning on spending a day in the East Bay? You could spend a very pleasant day hopping on and off BART, sampling tacos in Fruitvale, and dumplings/noodles/rice cakes in Oakland's Chinatown. Or, if you have a car, there are a couple of key pockets in Berkeley of interest to food lovers.

      It's worth it to take some time to scan a few days worth of posts, and to do a search on
      things that specifically interest you.

      Cheap eats threads:


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        Good point.
        Okay, let's see here.

        1. about 50 to 60 dollars for two people, but a range from super cheap to just hitting this limit
        2. ethnic food, something with an interesting concept, mostly I just don't want red sauce Italian and stuffy French food. Someplace that you think is a lot of fun to eat at. We're from NY and have been spending the last few months in L.A.
        3. We'll probably be spending a day in Berkeley and would definitely love a recommendation for a casual lunch place plus any bars that are favorite.
        4. A favorite recent restaurant meal was at Cafe Chloe in San Diego, as well as Basic Urban Bar and Kitchen, just as a few examples.

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            Will you have a car in Berkeley, or are you dependent on public transportation?

            Also, is this A) a trip specifically for eating (so out of the way neighborhoods aren't a big deal) or B) are you planning on doing tourist stuff and need to eat somewhere near wherever it is you're going to be that day? If B, which neighborhoods are you planning on spending time in?

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              If you're in Berkelely on Sunday, you could go to Wat Mongkolratanaram. Some of the food is brought in from local Thai restaurants, but the papaya salad, fried chicken, and coconut-chive dumplings are made there.

              Wat Mongkolratanaram (Thai Buddhist Temple)
              1911 Russell St, Berkeley, CA 94703

          2. When you're in Berkeley looking for a quick and delicitious lunch, you HAVE to try Cheeseboard Pizza on Shattuck across the street from Chez Panisse.


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              The Cheeseboard Pizza is great, but if you're around Berkeley during the morning hours and just want to pick up something light, they also have some of my favorite pastries.