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Jul 19, 2007 11:45 PM

trying to recreate Giacomo's house sauce @ home [moved from Boston board]

hi everyone,

i've been trying for some quite time now, albeit unsucessfully to recreate giacomo's yummy house sauce at home, i'll be leaving boston soon and shiver at the thought of not being able to order the pasta there anymore.

so does anyone have any suggestions/advice? and has anyone attempted at this task before? any recipe ideas will be greatly appreciated since i'm really not much of a cook, my idea of great pasta sauce in the past, was like Prego

thanks y'all!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Ask him to make you some. Put it in containers and freeze so you have it. Ask someone who is a good cook who you know to analyze it; they can probably tell by tasting what most of the ingredients are.
        It is difficult to help unless you find someone who has eaten there.
        Ask Giacomo to give you the recipe so you can learn to cook (and then share it with us!) :)

        1. does anyone have any additional suggestions? any help is much appreciated, and by the way, this Giacomo's is the restaurant in Boston, MA and I'm referring to the Giacomo's "house sauce", a lobster based red sauce with a touch of bechamel, many thanks everyone!

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            The chef/owner of an Italian restaurant told me once that she does not put oregano in her red sauce, until she is just about to serve it. It makes it bitter. Ever since I stopped doing that, my home made sauce has been fantastic.

            A lot of people I know who make their own sauce, start with a sofrito of garlic, onion, bell pepper, sauteed in olive oil until soft. I do that then add a touch of wine, a little tomato paste, cook the alcohol out, then add the freshly ground tomatoes and simmer with a pinch of sugar for several hours, until it's reduced by half.

            The thing with the lobster based sauce, is somehow the chefs there are adding some kind of a stock, probably made from lobster shells and other goodness. That will be the key to knowing how they do it.

            1. re: Stellar D

              thanks for the suggestions stella, might anyone else have any suggestions? any yelpers perhaps who have visited Giacomo's lately? any advice is appreciated on how I can recreate this addictive sauce at home!