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Jul 19, 2007 11:39 PM

Looking for cheap eats in North Jersey

I will be visiting family in Bergan County. I'm looking for interesting restaurants that have good food, good people, are in a neighborhood instead of a mall, and they've been there forever. Bergan, Passaic, Hudson, and Essex counties are fair game.

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  1. Bergen County, not Bergan. What specific town are you staying in? I think you may get more responses if you are more specific than 4 huge counties that each have 1000's of restaurants.

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    1. If you are looking for cheap eats, with a fun, family atmosphere, try Kinchley's Tavern which is off of Rt 17 in Mahwah. I am not sure of the exact address, but you can look it up. It is a tavern/pizzera with really great food. There is always a line, but you get seated quickly. They are a cash only restaurant. There is also the Allendale Bar and Grill (known as the A B & G) that is also a neighborhood type place with all types of food from burgers to steaks. Ridgewood, NJ is also has tons of non-chain restaurants located in their downtown/Ridgewood Ave section. Hopes this helps somewhat. If you are at the other end of Bergen County, there is a wonderful restuarant in Rutherford called Park and Orchard. The food is phennominal, and their dishes are creative. not cheap, but a great meal that is not too overpriced.

      1. The last time I was in Jersey I passed by "The Portuguese Tavern" on Crooks Ave. in Clifton. Just at the border with Paterson. Anyone know it? Is it like the restaurants in the Ironbound section of Newark?

        1. Teaneck -- if you are looking for an excellent sushi place, head over to Hackensack and go to Miyoshi. Don't expect great service, but the food is very good and the prices are super. Also, try Segovia (Moonachie, I think). It's not that far from Teaneck, and it's an excellent Spanish restaurant -- paella, steak, etc. Right in Teaneck, try East (Japanese). Look into the Bicycle Club in Englewood Cliffs also -- great burgers. Eric

          1. Rudy's in Closter - great pizza/italian, casual, family oriented...been there 30+ yrs.
            Iron Horse in Westwood - great burgers
            Baumgart's in Englewood
            Biagio's in Paramus