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Jul 19, 2007 11:32 PM

Organic foods...

wanting to know where i can find a healthy, organic, and inviting cafe or restaurant in SF, i am not a vegetarian, but the meats would have to be free-range, and not genetically engineered.

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  1. There are a ton of organic restaurants in SF. This is the most comprehensive directory that I know of:

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        Are there any certified organic restaurants around here?

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            The OP specifically asked for a place with free range meats and non-GMO produce. Most of the restaurants on the OM list fit that description. I agree with others that it's difficult to evaluate the criteria of these lists. I tend to use lists as a starting point, then spend time researching a particular restaurant by looking at the website, or calling and asking questions directly.

        1. Incanto's the "greenest' restaurant I know of that serves meat.

          Incanto Restaurant & Wine Bar
          1550 Church St, San Francisco, CA 94131

          1. I recommend Universal Cafe, very organic in terms of most everything they use as far I know, excellent for brunch or dinner. Incanto too as mentioned.

            Here is a good site on Low Impact Living- search restaurants
            some others-
            Another site that gives each restaurants a leaf rating.. still hard to say how these are evaluated and by whom. Hopefully, in the near future a third party organzation will evaluate with tougher guildlines to avoid green washing.

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              Universal Cafe's statement is, "Most of our products come from environmentally sustainable farms and ranches." Many restaurants around here say more or less the same.

              There are third-party certifications. A handful of restaurants around the country have been certified organic; so far as I know the closest are Ukiah Brewing Co. in Ukiah and Organic Kitchen in Carmel.

              Incanto was the first California restaurant to be certified humane:


            2. Note that "Thimmakka Certified Green" regards conserving energy and water, recycling, composting, reducing pollution, and using recycled products.

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                I've actually worked with both Thimmakka's and Greenopia as I ran the San Francisco Green Biz program until recently. From personal experience, I know Thimmakka's program lists businesses that they are helping with those above mentioned things but does not necessarily mean they have accomplished them. Unfortunately, they are quite understaffed so some restaurants are not up to par sometimes especially in terms of sourcing sustainable food.

                Greenopia does have some criteria, mainly how much organic or sustainable food they offer. I thought it was listed in their guide but I don't personally have one so I couldn't say. I believe one leaf is 10% of the menu, 2 leaves is 25%, 3 is 50% and 4 is 75% or something like that.

                The SF Green Biz program ( does have some restaurants but since it isn't only looking at organic food but also how well the restaurant does in the 4 categories we look at (waste reduction and diversion, energy conservation, water conservation and pollution prevention). They are requiring that the restaurant at least offer some organic or sustainable items. The program really does many types of businesses though so although I've met many wonderful restaurants by visiting them, I wouldn't recommend it as a resource for food.

              2. here's a list that I consult every once in a while because I love Marin Sun Farms (grass fed).