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Jul 19, 2007 11:05 PM

40 clove garlic

So,earlier this week, I was watching BBCAmerica's food shows that they have been airing in the mornings/afternoons.

One of them, (Good Eats? ) did the old 40 cloves of garlic recipe and it sort of made me think. It's one of those recipes you see all over the place but never really make.

I had some bone in chicken breasts and thought, "What the hell..."

Only had 31 cloves... peeled them and simmered them for ten minutes in a pot of water.

Browned the chicken in butter, removed from pan and then, threw in a diced jalapeno, seeds and all.

Added the chicken, the garlic, a shot of scotch, and a cup of broth and simmered for twenty-five minutes.

Mashed some taters, sauteed some beans with bacon and reduced the sauce.

Way tangy and moist!

see it here:

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  1. Looks yummy! Wish my computer had i-smell!

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    1. re: bards4

      Thanks, like I said, I've seen the recipe for ages but never made it before... suffice to say, I'll be making it again. BTW, I had some fresh Thyme that tossed in as well.

    2. Had to laugh about the title of the post, as I believe the proper name of the dish is "Forty Clove Chicken" - but Forty Clove Garlic really catches the spirit of it. Garlic, garlic, garlic!

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      1. re: Amanita

        Heh... yeah, the title looked off to me as well. Should have been washing pots and pans instead of posting!

        The "value pack" of chicken had enough to allow me to grill two of them for lunch today!

      2. Looks good. That's a recipe I want to try soon. When I make it, I'll probably eat all forty cloves for desert. I loves me some roasted garlic.

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        1. re: Agent Orange

          I have to say, the jalapeno really picked it up. One of those nicely flavored heats, that just grew with every bite.

        2. I've made this recipe a few times, and it is fantastic. I highly recommend having some crusty bread around, because there will be a huge amount of garlic-infused olive oil sitting there waiting for something to be dipped in it...

          The scotch is certainly an interesting addition! I'll have to give that a shot... errmm, so to speak...

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          1. re: davis_sq_pro

            I had seen some recipes call for cognac, but sadly I had none, hence the Scotch in a fit of improvisation.

            Bread is a must! I live across the street from a great bakery, Bombon Cafe, wonderful artisan breads!


          2. ha!
            the first time I made James Beard's 40 clove chicken, I didn't know what a clove was and used 40 heads instead. The brick of burnt garlic encased what turned out to be a raw chicken. But, it smelt great!

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            1. re: orangewasabi

              I once stuffed a whole chicken with about 3 whole garlic (all peeled and separated) and put plenty round the chicken too, added water, onions and carrots and oven baked in a closed dish for about 3 hours on low heat. It was so good. I mashed all the garlic up and made a gravy with the liquid and served with mash.