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Jul 19, 2007 09:35 PM

Needs Cheese Bad

I will be head to a wedding in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, right in between Milwaukee and Madison. I would like to find a great artisan cheese maker and tour - or a beer tour. Man if there is a Cheeeeese and Beer Tour I'd like to know too. I will Be looking to make the magic happen on a Friday or possibly Sunday depending on my schedule.

Any suggestions?

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  1. There is a Brewery near Oconomowoc called Tyranena I know they have live music in their beer garden on certain nights. There used to be a cheese shop in Delafield but I'm not sure if it is still there. Gagliano's is a specialty market in Delafield that has quite a selection of cheeses but it is a grocery store.

    1. Are you able to travel to Madison or Milwaukee? In Madison, my favorite beer is from Capital Brewery. In Milwaukee, I like Sprecher beer - they do a nice tour.

      For cheese, I recommend a trip past Dodgeville/Mt. Horeb (W of Madison) to Carr Valley Cheese. They make fabulous cheese, and they have a factory & retail store in Fennimore. I don't know if they do tours, but it's worth a call.


      1. Wonderful, thanks for the suggestions. I will have a car and can drive - or depending on the beer tour my girlfriend will have to drive. Any other good eats in the area will be much appreciated, I am going for a wedding (girlfriend's a brides maid) and will have some time to just hang out or tour for some good food while she does whatever bridesmaids do pre-weddding.

        1. If you are thinking about checking out Capital Brewery in Middleton - a western "suburb" of Madison, I would totally suggest going to the Saturday Farmers market that is down town, right around the Capitol. There are a number of different cheesemakers there that are fabulous. Plus you can check out some awesome fresh veggies, meats, and baked goods. Plus, there is a fresh spicy cheese bread there that is incredibly popular. You see a lot of people that get the bread first and walk around the square eating chunks of it while they shop.