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Jul 19, 2007 09:34 PM

12-year old boys eat what!?!

Help! A friend of mine is bringing his 12-year-old son over to meet me for the first time for Sunday Brunch. I tend to me more of a gourmet, and have no idea what 12-year-olds eat. Obviously I'm not designing the meal just for the child, yet I don't want to prepare something that he won't eat either. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. Most kids by the time they are 12 eat regular food. As long as you have options that aren't too out there and are simply seasoned, he should be fine.

    1. I'd seriously ask the friend what kind of eater their son is. Not too crazy fancy chicken is always a good bet. Or pork. I mean, when I was twelve anything fried and hamburgers were pretty much my staple, but it depends so much on the parents, ya know?

      You just want to make sure you're not dealing with a mac & Cheese only kid. And if you are - make the best baked mac & cheese ever.

      1. Well at my house growing up we often had bagels and a variety of smoked fish at brunch. The good part was everyone could put their own toppings on. You could make a main brunch dish (not sure what you had in mind, like a frittata or something) and then have a basket of toasted bagels on the table with a small plate of smoked fish and then other toppings (tomatoes, onions, cream cheese, butter and jam). That way he can top his own bagel however he likes?

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          I think that this is a brilliant suggestion, and will appeal to all ages.

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            agree with taryn's suggestion (although fish might be a gamble for a 12yo boy)

            when we were kids and had friends over to play my mum often did what we have titled "A Mixture" a platter of sliced tomatoes, grated carrot, cheese, and whatever else was going in the fridge - cold cut meats, tuna, pickled onions, served with a basket of bread / crisp bread. that way she didn't have to ask each friend (3 kids plus friends) what they wanted, and rarely was there anything left.

            also if getting to know this 12 year old is important, something interactive might be a bit of an icebreaker.

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              Agreed that the fish will probably be too much for a 12 year old boy, so I'd suggest also have a flavored cream cheese and maybe some cold cuts in addition to the smoked salmon and trout.

          2. I think it's totally appropriate to ask his father what types of foods he likes -- and if you want to really win him over, don't forget a basket of breakfast pastries (12 year olds LOVE donuts). As long as you have some juice, bread, and maybe some bacon, he should be a happy boy. But I'd still ask first.

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              It's not just 12 year olds. I'm 32 and still love donuts (at least the good ones)!

            2. Do ask. It could save you a lot of grief. I recently spent 2 weeks child sitting for my best friend's 12-year-old daughter who doesn't eat meat or fish or--for that matter--practically anything, other than cheerios, chocolate chip cookies, and pasta sauce, that isn't white. She may be an extreme case, but from what I read there are a surprising number who are.