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Jul 19, 2007 08:22 PM

ALO in Dallas - anyone tried it yet?

New spot by the La Duni folks... Was going to go for lunch tomorrow, but they don't start serving lunch until next week. Just curious to hear the early reviews.

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    1. Friday evening was the second time we had gone to Alo and it was fantastic! The food is great (especially the chicken dish with rice and walnuts mentioned above…and the French fries with sausage and pink sauce!) and the drinks are superb. My only complaint was that the waiter on our second visit wasn’t nearly as attentive or knowledgeable about the menu. But I’m sure time will fix that. It is definitely now on my list of regularly visited restaurants.

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      1. Hmm...better than La Duni?

        1. re: jinet12

          Better than La Duni. Tried it tonight. Report to follow eventually.

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