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Jul 19, 2007 07:35 PM

George's in Wayne? Compared to The Pond?

I'm holding a luncheon event for 50-75 people this winter and want wonderful food in a lovely setting that is a reasonable drive from Gladwyne. Any thoughts on these two, or other suggestions?

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  1. Sorry, I cannot reccommend Georges. Unless you are into the absolutely most pretentious type of service and location. , The distain starts at the door with the barely educated hostesses and continues with the mediocre service and decent food. What a huge disappointment this place is. The food was OK, even good. Everything else was beyond obnoxious. We were made to feel as if we were so lucky that they would allow us in the door. Horrendous service. I was there for a business lunch (they chose, fortunately) . I was looking forward to it. Pretty location. That's about it. Sorry, I am not familiar with the Pond.

    1. I wanted to hold a wedding reception for my son there last year. I made an appointment for a weekday around lunch to meet the chef and discuss menu. I had to cancel because of a work emergency. They didn't like that, and the catering manager never returned my phone calls after that. I did very well at the Waynesborough Museum in Paoli (holds 80) and their superb caterer.

      As for eating at the restaurant, I have to agree with mschow. Good food, very attractive setting, but what an attitude!

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        I definitely would choose Pond over George's in a ding-dong second.
        The landscaping at Pond cannot be duplicated. It is plain out gorgeous.
        The food is better too.
        Go for it!

        1. re: idia

          I'm curious now about the Pond. Can you supply some more information?

          1. re: mschow

            When it was Passerelle (the restaurant that is now Pond) they had the most beautiful, massive Venetian glass chandelier.

            1. re: Mawrter

              We had 2 events when it was Passarelle, etc. They were lovely. The swans were out and the space was stunning.

      2. Wow. These make the choice an easy one. I'm sold. I just have to talk to The Pond about their 75 person minimum...

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