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Jul 19, 2007 07:30 PM

What goes with Nobu's Miso Cod?

I am not much of a cook and have decided to make enough miso cod for a crowd of 8. Has anyone made it? (Must it be made with cod)? I would love to start off with a simple appetizer, have a side and dessert. Any help would be most appreciated.

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  1. I'm not familiar with Nobu's recipe but I've seen, more commonly, miso salmon. To keep with the Japanese theme, and keeping it simple: you can make a tofu salad with soy, rice wine vinegar, ginger, and shiso; for dessert, a non-traditional matcha panna cotta.

    1. Miso cod is great (a very traditional combination)-- I don't know the Nobu recipe either, but assuming it's a fairly standard one (miso, sake, mirin, maybe a little sugar): I usually serve over white Japanese rice, with radish sprouts (kaiware), and simple side of salad (lettuce & tomato), and pickled radishes or cucumbers. One neighborhood curry place that I used to love in LA always put a just few strands of cold spaghetti (tossed in veerrry light tomato sauce) on top of each plate of salad, kind of unique and fun.

      As digkv says, a cold tofu salad is also a refreshing accompaniment: slice a block of soft tofu, carefully arrange a couple slices on each plate (overlapping a little, in a little stack). Sprinkle over finely cut green onion tops, a little ginger or chili paste if you want, a very small drizzle of sesame oil, tsuyu (mix of mirin and soy sauce), and bonito flakes. There's a pretty picture of a version made with fried tofu instead, here:


      Also, things like potato salad or other mayo-based salads would go well.

      Or, healthier: now that frozen shelled edamame are becoming quite common (especially if you live near a trader joe's), you could also make a (not so traditional) edamame salad, for example with sea salt and soaked hijiki.

      Anyway, that's just a few ideas for appetizers/sides!
      Oh, and I almost forgot: miso cod always comes with a little pile (lump?) of very finely grated daikon radish on the side as accompaniment-- not obligatory, but quite traditional.

      1. Baby bok choy and steamed rice. I make this all the time. The black cod is fantastic and very easy.

        1. Wasabi mashed taters would be good to plate below the fish. Serve with Bak Choy on the side.

          1. We make miso marinated fish about 2 or 3 times a month in our home. Our basic recipe is 1 part sweet rice miso (Saikyo miso for example) and one part mirin. Here is pictures on how I marinate it in a cheesecloth:


            Overnight is not enough time, I think 24 hours to 36 hours. Best to practice on one piece of fish before you do your dinner party.

            We do it with any fatty fish, cod, salmon, mackerel, etc. You just want to avoid white fish without fat as it becomes dry in the miso marinade.

            Good luck!