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Jul 19, 2007 06:19 PM

Filipino food in Reno

Has anyone tried the new Filipino restaurant - Pearl of the East - that has opened on Kietzke near Big O Tires? It's in the little plaza near the intersection of Kietzke and Gentry Way.

The place has been about 27 different Mexican restaurants, none good enough to survive, apparently. The new owners have put some money into decorating, making it lighter and brighter (though unfortunately playing undecipherable Filipino game shows on TV at high volume).

I've stopped there a couple of times now to pick up a dozen Lumpiang Shanghai (small spring rolls filled with ground or finely minced pork and served with sweet and sour sauce) for takeout. You may also see these written as just "Lumpia". Pearl of the East offers a vegetarian version, too.

They have a steam table where you can get a hot meal, or order individual items for eat-in or carry-out. Prices seem pretty reasonable with a dozen Lumpia costing $4.00 plus tax. They're still waiting for their menus to be printed and delivered, so they can't yet hand you a menu when you walk in.

While not a huge fan of food from the Philippines, there are some dishes I like, especially Lumpia, which I could easily eat more than a dozen of. I seem to remember liking some of the Pancit noodle dishes when I was a guest of the Navy in the Philippines many years ago, too. And they also have "Pork on a Stick".

Have any other chowhounds tried the food here?


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  1. I've heard about the place from a friend who works in the area, but haven't had time to stop by yet. I like chicken adobo.
    That place that is now China Fusion had passable Filipino food, I guess. Not enough to interest me a lot. And there used to be a Filipino place in the El Cortez.

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      There also used to be Manila Gardens in a hotel on Stardust off Keystone. It was absolutely horrible.

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        There is also a new one at the top of kings row off mcCarran. I haven't tried it. It is in the view crest shopping center.

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          I went to this place today. I liked the food better here. THey call it a kitchenette. It's four tables inside a convenience store in the View Crest shopping center. The pork chop and a pork soup I got was pretty good. Another beef dish was okay. They offer special dishes Saturday for breakfast, but aren't open for breakfast any other day of the week.
          Kaibigan Store & Kitchenette
          3687 Kings Row
          Hmm, for some reason, the picture uploaded this time. This is of the pork chop.

    2. I went today and tried it. The food was okay. If you're doing the steam table, make sure you ask what the items is before you order. One of the things they offered was curdled pork blood in a stew. I'd had curdled pork blood before at The One so I wasn't grossed out by it, but it actually looks tasty.
      I ordered chicken adobo, a beef short ribs and a thin white noodle covered with a cream of mushroom. The noodle dish and the chicken adobo are pictured below.
      The beef short ribs looked a lot like Korean khal bi. The flavor was great. The meat, though, was pretty tough. The flavor was good enough I want to try it again, but I hope for more tender meat next time.
      The chiecken adobo was okay. Nothing special. Not too over the top but actually kind of bland. I like it when I can taste the garlic and bay leaves more.
      The noodle dish was the one I liked best. It was almost like a mushroom gravy. They scattered something that was kind of crunchy over the mushrooms. It's something I'd definitely order again.

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        For some reason, the pictures didn't upload. Let's try this again.

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          Did you try the Lumpiang Shanghai? I like them, but they're the only dishes I've tried there.

        2. Pearl of the East, the filipino restaurant inside strip mall at intersection of Kietzke and Gentry Way, has good food. Unlike the last months of the now-departed Manila Fiesta (S. Virginia close to Vassar) whose staff seemed to run people off with rudeness, the staff at Pearl of the East is very friendly and willing to help first-timers with their selections. Pearl of the East is also VERY flexible and accomodating with special requests (although pork tocino is seldom available after noon, they cooked up a huge pan of it for me to go for only $24 and did not charge extra for the container).
          The interior has been almost totally redone and is light years better than the last Mexican occupant. This location has been a graveyard for the past 15 years or so, support Pearl of the East.

          1. I was just there Sunday - and even though it said was open at 10 am on Sundays, it was closed. Another one bites the dust.