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Jul 19, 2007 05:45 PM

Salt Cod

Where can I get the stuff? I want to try out some Catalonian recipes that call for lots of it.

I still need to post the recipe for the squid and pork stuffed roasted red peppers from the same book. I'll get round to it soon. They turned out to be fantastic :)

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  1. I saw a bunch at Compare foods off Avondale near where the old Kmart was in Durham.

    1. If there is a Lowe's Foods near where you live, they have (depending on which one you go to) salt cod packed in miniature wooden crates--from China of course, but salt cod nonetheless. As previously mentioned, I'm not sure every Lowe's has this item, so I would call ahead first and ask to get patched to the seafood dept. It is usually stored in the refrigerated bunker, along with the herring, cocktail sauces, and crab dips.

      1. I've bought them at the Whole Foods in Chapel Hill