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Jul 19, 2007 05:26 PM

Baltimore Bachelor Party

Hi there, looking for a fun place for dinner for 4 or 5 guys. Seafood/crab a +. We're staying in Downtown Baltimore. Not insanely expensive, but fun, so we can drink have fun and eat good food. Also, if anyone has any suggestion of where to make a table reservation etc., at a bar/club after would be great. I've been elected to throw a bachelor party in Baltimore, however I live in LA and know nothing about the city. thanks - nick

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  1. Pazo in Inner Harbor East is fun, loud, and probably a good place to kick off a bachelor party. Small Mediterranean plates, good original cocktails. From there, you can walk to the bars of Fells Point and take a $10 or less cab ride back downtown.

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      Pazo is fun- I attended a bachelorette party there. However, it is tapas style, so if you are not into that keep it in mind. I do not recommend doing the pre-fix priced menu selections for parties that they offer - better if you order all items separately on your own IMO.

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        I read that Pazo recently changed their menu to offer a number of regular-sized entrees. Read the recent review in City Paper. Still it is a fun place for groups.

    2. Pazo is a good recommendation. O'Brycki's would be a great choice if you're more concerned about seafood to start instead of bachelor atmosphere. I'd say it's somewhat more a family place but you can make some noise. Then that would also put you close to Fells Point or Canton for later debauchery.

      1. If you want a club where you can reserve a table, I guess Aqua is an option. It's like a wannabe Miami club in Baltimore situated by an athletic club pool (classy, I know). I have never been there myself because it's just not my scene, but some people I know seem to like it and it's probably one of the only places in the city that you can (read: have to) reserve a table if you want to sit at one.

        If you want a crab dinner before, Bo Brooks is practically next door. It isn't the best crab place in the city, but still very good and more casual than Pazo. There tend to be a lot of families with young kids, so if this is one of 'those' bachelor parties, you may want to steer clear. Be sure to reserve an outdoor table if you choose to eat there. It's also just a few blocks from the bars in Canton if you just want to bar hop after.

        1. IF you're looking for a "real" batchelor party place at a "gentleman's club" I reccomend the Millstream Inn in Woodlawn. The kitchen takes its food seriously and is suprisingly good. Not sure if that's what you're looking for, but they DO specialize in batchelor parties.