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Jul 19, 2007 05:23 PM

Seattle dinner suggestions

Based on Chow and other findings, we narrowed it down to these places. We have time for 3 dinners and two lunches. Out of our list, what are the top three we can't miss for dinner? Also, we're staying at the W. Is this walkable to a lot of things? What coffee shops should we check out? Thanks a lot - we are so excited for this trip!!

sitka & spruce
cafe juanita
tamarind tree
wild ginger

for lunch
matt's in the market
le pichet

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  1. your list is comparing apples and oranges in terms of cuisine, elaborate food vs rustic vs ethnic, upscale vs casual etc. Tamarind tree is ethnic/casual, Wild Ginger is ethnic/more upscale, Tavolata is rustic/more upscale, Crush/Cafe Juanita are elaborate/upscale (Tilth also but a bit more casual in both food and ambience & price). Sitka&Spruce and Salumi can involve long waits (no reservations for small groups).

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      For my money I would do Dinner at Tamarind Tree, Crush and Cafe Juanita (further than the other two, it is in the suburbs).
      Lunch at Paseo ( I had to add this one because I just ate there for the first time and was blown away by the sandwich I ate) and Matt's in the market.

    2. From your list, walkable restaurants from the W are: Wild Ginger, Tavolata (a long walk), Matt's in the Market and Le Pichet.

      It might help us suggest if we knew a bit more about what you are looking for - for the dinner part at least. For your two lunches I would say Salumi and Matt's in the Market. You could always move Le Pichet to dinner if you wanted.

      1. Lunch is easy-Matt's and Salumi. I love Le Pichet but their lunch menu is quite small, and you probably don't need to come all the way to Seattle just to eat a Croque Monsieur.

        Dinner I would do Green Leaf rather than Tamarind Tree (not that TT is bad, I, and almost everyone else I know, just prefer GL); definitely not Wild Ginger. I haven't been to S&S and Tavolata so I probably shouldn't try to help narrow down your dinner list more than that. Have fun!