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Jul 19, 2007 04:52 PM

New to Greensboro - looking for good, down-to-earth restaurants!

We have just relocated to Greensboro, NC from Chicago. I've been to some of the finer restaurants in the area (typically for work-related dinners), and have been pleasantly surprised. However, for everyday eating, I'm particularly interested in the unsung heroes...the hole-in-the-wall neighborhood bar where you can get a good pint, the corner restaurant that's really great but not necessarily well known. I think that could be the biggest shock coming from Chicago - I'm not so worried about fine dining, because I know there are some wonderful restaurants here, but am looking for those cool hidden places that have been around for a long time and have some history about them. Any suggestions?
Thanks everyone!

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  1. Welcome to G'boro! At the risk of being to obvious, here are some ideas:

    Yum-Yum for great hot dogs and homemade ice cream (Spring Garden Street across from UNC-G)

    Old Town Draught House next door to Yum-Yum is a nice place for a beer and a sandwich. Ditto Natty Greene's, brew pub downtown with a great beer and a nice outdoor patio. Cafe Europa, also downtown in the Cultural Arts Center on Davie Street, is a nice, casual, fun place for a drink and and a meal.

    Fisher's is a great hole in the wall place on Elm Street in the Fisher Park neighborhood neighborhood near downtown. Excellent burgers in a Cheers-like atmosphere.

    Saigon on High Point Road serves wonderful vietnamese food.

    Spring Valley Restaurant (Randleman Road) and Alpat (E. Bessemer Ave.) used to be great breakfast and "meat and three" places, but I will say I haven't been to either in a while, and I'm not sure if they are open or still good. Perhaps others can enlighten.

    Anton's (Battleground Ave) is an old school italian place, that I will freely admit holds a place of nostalgia in my heart. Others may not think much of it, but to me, it is SO Greensboro.

    I'm sure there are others...those are the ones that come to mind at the moment...

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      you can find a menu for Old town draught @ There is also a link to their site. Alpat is dead. Try harper's in friendly for solid meals. Also try any of the Vietnamese restys in the area

    2. You can also ride over to Burlington for hot dogs at Zack's (downtown, on Davis St.) - they've been a local icon since the 1920s. Try one with chili and slaw, but watch out for the onions, which can be bitter from the metal chopper. The fast service is also legendary; your server will shout your order to the cook and it will probably be up by the time he or she walks back to the counter!

      1. Best Secret Food's in Greensboro are: Beef Burger on Lee street, Hayble's Hearth on Spring Garden, Cook Out on High Point Road, and Country BBQ on Wendover. You can read alot reviews for these on

        1. Oh yeah...just thought of another good one...Bianca's (Spring Garden Street at Chapman Street). A wonderful, hole in the wall italian place with great food and a fun, funky vibe.

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            Bianca's alas, has gone the way of the doe-doe. It is now "It's Your Roll" a fairly decent sushi joint. Fish is fresh and the concept is decent. The tempura green beans are addictive.

          2. Add to the list: Stamey's barbeque and Smith Street Diner (old southern breaksfasts)

            I do love Bianca's as was mentioned before - price fixe - used to a gas station then a topless bar - now just serves the best italian around

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              Has anyone been to Stamey's lately? I went a couple of months ago and it was terrible. The Q had no flavor and the service was awful. I'd hate it if an institution like that was now rapidly sliding downhil...

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                I would agree. Not sure where in gso to get a cue fix

                1. re: quazi

                  Well, you're just a little ways from Winston (and Lexington), and that's where the BBQ lives.

                  Though I think that modern pigs, lean as they are, don't bring the Q the way they used to when I was a kid. Back in the '70s. Back then, Lexington BBQ was orgasmic. Not so much, anymore. Gotta have that fat.

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                  My experience six weeks ago was very good, as it has been for meny years. Stamey's isn't the best barbecue in NC, but they're perhaps the most consistent. If your meal was substandard, let 'em know about it. The last problem I had with them was cold hushpuppies (ugh) that were quickly replaced with a fresh order.

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                    Agree with this, Stamey's is not especially good. Drive to Wilson or Lexington for BBQ.