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Jul 19, 2007 04:42 PM

New restaurants in Culver City?

Does anyone know what is opening in Downtown Culver City, where the old Entenmann's Bakery used to be, I think it is at like Washington & Cardiff. Also, what is going in next to the movie theater and Coldstone?

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  1. Ugo, the Italian restaurant, is expanding its operation into the old Entemann's spot -- it's going to be an "authentic" Italian market, with dry goods, gelato, etc., not just more Ugo.

    I thought Howdy's Taqueria was in between Coldstone and the theatre -- haven't been there and doubt I'll try it.

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    1. re: NAspy

      very very ok, not great. If the food had more flavor and more authentic, it would be doing 3 times the business. People want authentic, but healthiesr al la Tacos con Sabor or the place across the street from Sanchez on Inglewood.

    2. I was hoping that space would be occupied by the rumored Father's Office that is coming to Culver City. Anyone know where that is going?

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        It will be the restaurant space inside HD Buttercup in the Helms Bakery Bldg. I think it has it's own street entrance too next to Jazz Bakery on Helms Ave. Was supposed to open in July but I think it's been pushed back to the fall.

      2. Ugo, really? That's no fun. I didn't really care for them. I'll have to try it out, though. All of this is walking distance to me.

        You're right, Howdy's is there between the theatre and Coldstone - I guess the space I'm talking about is a little further down by the BBQ place - it looks like 2 spaces there and one of them is getting worked on.

        I keep hoping Culver City gets a cupcake place (I know not original - but I like cupcakes!). Also, Culver City is getting a lot of nice restaurants, but there really is not enough to actually "do" down there - like hang out - just the movies & Starbucks. I guess there is hanging out at the bar in the hotel or Bottlerock, but if you are really not into drinking...

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          I understand the place near the theatres and Coldstone, farther down towards the corner is going to be a Korean BBQ place. It should be pretty big. Not sure, though, but it sounds reasonable. We'll see.

          One potential hang out spot for you without alcohol is Grand Casino bakery/cafe, across from Bottlerock on Main. Culver Hotel is a great spot - you don't have to drink to enjoy that. Last, you can enjoy the plaza outside the theatres where the fountain is. Our kids love the fountain and the other kids who come to play there, so it works for us. Probably have good wifi there, too, if that matters to you.

          There is a good cupcake place in Culver City now, but its on the west end - a place on Centinela south of Culver called Hotcakes. Great caneles, too. And you can get your taco fix in at the same time - Sanchez is just down the block, and Tacomiendo on Inglewood is my fave in the area.

          1. re: CulverJack

            a korean bbq place on the westside?!!!!

            oh please please please please let it be an authentic place. the westside is in DIRE need of some good korean food!!! i hope they have dduk bo ssam and good banchan. and non korean bbq foods, and and and... (i'm korean)

            1. re: greengelato

              Mmm... I don't know much about what's going in, but I wouldn't hope too hard for down home style. While I'd also like to see it, I think a trendier place will have a little more pull. It's also rumored to be pretty big, which to me spells concept. But we'll see. Maybe we can hope hard for something in between...

              1. re: CulverJack

                Bluebird also has some WONDERFUL Cupcakes... sadly they aren't open on the weekend... :P


                1. re: Dommy

                  Thanks Dommy! I didn't really like Bluebird that much though. I had a red velvet one time and the food coloring wasn't mixed in well, it had splotches of brown (chocolate) with the red - it didn't look too appetizing. I don't really care for their icing, either. They used to be open later at night and I liked to get a burger there every once in awhile, but I noticed lately that they are only open for lunch and now closed on Saturday's too. They didn't have consistency in their food - maybe that's why???

                  1. re: katie.did

                    I agree with the inconsistency. I've had an amazing BBQ chicken sandwich that's really good, but their ham and cheese was definitely not to be desired.

                    1. re: katie.did

                      I've noticed their frosting has changed. In another post someone (maybe you katie?) described it as being too fluffy, almost marshamallowy. It's definitely not as dense as it was before. It was thick and rich, now it's airy, and while not exactly runny, there's not a lot of substance. I'm not a big frosting fan, but I liked the old frosting, the new stuff is kind of "eh." One good thing about the new frosting...easy to take off!

                  2. re: CulverJack

                    If you're talking about the space that used to be Prado Signs, I believe that is being turned into a Chicago Steakhouse -- got my info from a friend who chatted up the owner of Fraiche -- we peered at the ABC sign on the window a couple of weeks ago and I forgot what it said, but I think it's a steak and chop place, not Korean BBQ.

                    1. re: NAspy

                      Yes...I believe the one I have seen them building out is the old Prado Signs place. The space next to it, with a brick front, is rather large but it looks like it is still for lease.

                  3. re: katie.did

                    There are GREAT cupcakes in Culver City on National at The Bluebird Bakery. My husband orders them all the time to bring to his staff and they go crazy!. The red velvet is my favorite. They are quite big and have that homemade look, not like Sprinkles, much better. I brought them to a birthday party once and people asked all night where the cupcakes are from! i encourage you to try them.

                    1. re: cecibean

                      Bluebird's red velvet is my favorite. Mmmm

                  4. In other Culver City developments, on the KCRW show Good Food last week the Beacon owners said that they were opening a salad bar type place in Culver City - they didn't specify where or when...

                    1. I also heard that some famous celebrity organic caterer was opening a restaurant in CC, but I don't know where.

                      The space next to the BBQ place looks like it is split into two places and the one they are working on looks kind of small. The other one, which has had plywood boarded up on it for a while looks pretty big - but it does't look like much is happening yet.

                      Has anyone tried Meltdown yet? I'm dying to, but their hours are inconvenient for me.

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                      1. re: katie.did

                        Meltdown is good, really, you can't go wrong with grilled cheese and yummy fillings. The biggest complaints I've heard are about the limited hours, and the cost (the sandwiches are around $8.)