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Jul 19, 2007 03:37 PM

best Italian

So I have one dinner to impress friends from Australia. I love Giorgio Baldi but have been there so often. Where else would you go? I was thinking Cappo or Via Vineto. Any thoughts:

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    1. Valentino - Santa Monica (eastern edge) ~ If wine will impress your aussie friends, they have the biggest wine cellar in LA: over 2,500 selections = ??,000 or is it ???,000 bottles. Over the years, to some, it's been the best Italian in Town (now with a new chef who's been pleasing people).

        1. Osteria Mozza (Highland and Melrose), if you can get in. If not, Capo or Vincenti (San Vicente East of Bundy). Valentino's works best if wine will most impress your guests; the food can vary from brilliant to pedestrian.

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              I second Angelini Osteria. I have never been disappointed there.