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Jul 19, 2007 03:09 PM

Toronto Hound Excited to Visit Vancouver

I have heard wonderful things about the restaurants in Vancouver, and can't wait to experience it. I am looking for your 3 best dinner recomendations, and your favourite casual lunch spots. We are staying in Yaletown, so anything in that neighbourhood is a plus. Though we are not specifically looking to visit the top restaurants the city has to offer, I do want to visit beautiful restaurants with wonderful food. We like sushi, fish/seafood, steak, Italian, Thai - just about anything goes. Please help!

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  1. Yaletown has plenty of great spots.
    Personally, I would start my day at Phat for a coffee and a nutella croissant

    Then i would walk on down to the seawall there and take the seabus to Granville Island. Admire the food and go for a walk in that neigbourhood. You can stop and get some cheese and salami at Oyama (
    )and head out for your own little picnic on some grassy knoll or wander over to the dock to Go Fish!

    Early Dinner at Sandbar, sit on the patio but ask for the sushi menu. You have to ask tho or they wont give it to you and then you could miss out on the best tuna gommae ever.

    Take the Seabus back, for another light snack at Nu (I like the goat cheese stuffed chicken wings and the pomme frites with foie gras gravy), walk back along the seawall to Yaletown and if you are still hungry finnish up the evening at Glowbal.

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      I think you should not miss Bin 941 and Vij's--both restaurants are icons of Vancouver dining, reasonable, casual, and well located, and teriffic food.

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        i would add parkside to that as well.

        be sure to get in some izakaya spots as well - Guu, Hapa Izakay, Gyoza King, and whatever the newer one on Denman is called.

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          The new one on Denman is Toratatsu, but I haven't heard good things about the service.

          Salt for Wine and cheese (don't let the locale scare you once you are inside you won't notice)
          Aurora for SUPER fresh food and a totally BC wine list (Main St)

          Love those cheese stuffed wings at Nu, and the fried oyster appy.

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            that's not the one i was thinking - kingyo or something like that?

            forgot about aurora - another of my favorites!

    2. I dont believe that any trip to Vancouver, especially if eating is a primary purpose, is complete without going to West. They have long been my favorite Restaurant in Vancouver, and when I go there, I hit many of my faves, some of which were mentioned in other posts, but West is heads and shoulders above all else when you combine, food, service, refinement, ambience and professionalism. I have never had a poor experience there.

      1. GO TO's awesome...Loved it there..The short ribs are to die for as an appetizer....Mmmmmm everything is awesome

        It's in the heart of Yaletown's historic warehouse district...a definate must try!! IMHO

        1. All your suggestions sound great - what about a place called Chin Chin? or Rain City Grill?

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            oops, I meant CinCIn....a roookie move, rorry

          2. My favourite place for Sushi in Vancouver is on your way from the airport to downtown.
            It's called the Sushi King House on Granville by 64th. It's a small place but the food is awesome & the portions are large. Being cheap helps,too! On a cool,damp day the Seafood Ramen soup is to die for!! YUMM!!