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Jul 19, 2007 02:54 PM

Jonathan's Ogunquit?

Was wondering if anyone has been lately? Reviews on Trip Advisor are mixed but dated.
Thank you.

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  1. Last time we were there was last Sept, and something was a bit off. Can't remember the exact details, it just wasn't as good as our previous visits.

    However, will try it again this September when we are in the area. has a 60% saving going on right now. So for $6.00 you can get a $25.00 certificate for Johnathan's. As well as many other restaurants around the country.

    I'm going to get one for our visit in Sept.

    Use code Enjoy. Also, if anyone goes to the website, make sure you read all the details for each restaurant.

    1. I went to Johnathan's last night, and I must say I was very disappointed. Knowing that the prices were a little on the steep side, I ordered chowder & a Caesar salad as my meal. I was with a group of 8, and other people also had the same idea as I did. After a few of us had ordered soup and a salad, the waiter, very rudely, laughed. This happened a few times throughout the night. Also, our waiter did not really care about us at all. He would bring out a couple of meals at a time, and then go and stand at the window, gazing outside. At one point, two of my friends, who had both ordered the same exact thing that I had, were sitting there waiting for their food, while everyone else had already been served. Our waiter was, to say the least, not the best. There was one other waiter that helped us throughout the night, and he was so polite, and very helpful.

      But it was not only the service that caught my eye. My chowder ( which on the website says, "Made just the way it should be with lots of butter, milk, potatoes, and clams") had only a few measly clams and very few potatoes. The ceasar salad that I ordered was not the greatest either, very dry, and lacking my favorite part, the crutons (which were mentioned on the menu as a part of the salad) and it cost me close to 9 dollars.

      Overall, I was quite disappointed, and hope that the next time... if there is a next time, things will be a lot better.

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      1. re: GalPal01923

        You know.... we've always been curious about this place. Have read many reviews, postings from the owner in the York Coastal ad along with a "homey" feel, written like a letter.
        Glad I read your post.... maybe bad service due to the time of year. We find that most of the restaurants suffer in the summer months due to the large influx of tourists, transient help, cooks, etc.
        I guess we'll stick to Grisinni and maybe try the incarnation of The Cape Neddick Inn the next time we're up on a visit.

        1. re: GalPal01923

          Thanks GalPal. Your experience was similar to posters on Trip Advisor - especially with regard to the poor service. With so many choices in Ogunquit, I think I will skip this place.