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Jul 19, 2007 02:39 PM

Need Restaurant Recommendation Westport / Fairfield

Can anyone recommend a really nice restaurant in Fairfield County (prefer in or close to Westport or Fairfield) for an anniversary dinner?

We love La Colline Verte, the Dressing Room, Tengda, Quattro Pazzi. Has anyone been to Tavern on Main recently?

Is there anywhere new/fun/with great food and atmosphere? Thanks for your advice.

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  1. How about Blue Lemon in Westport? Simple, modern American with a pretty varied menu. Excellent seafood, as I recall. Lots of good flavors, without making it too complicated. Their website has their dinner menu: I haven't been there in a year or two, but it's a good special-occasion place, and I think the NY Times gave it a decent write-up. Atmosphere is good - again, pretty simple, with a lemon motif.

    If you're looking for something a little more jazzed up, I'd suggest Match in South Norwalk. The food is phenomenal and very creative. I recall an appetizer that deconstructed the dreaded and greasy Chinese egg roll and infused it with new life, spreading its ingredients across a plate, adding a couple of new ones, and drizzling the whole thing with sauce that was to die for. Not sure if they even have that app anymore, but it was unbelievable. Match has probably some of the best eats in Fairfield County, I'd say. And the place is a lot of fun - an active bar scene and an all-around popular spot. Website is, and you'll definitely want to get yourself a reservation way ahead of time if possible.

    Of your list, I've been to Tengda and Quattro Pazzi. Both are quite good, but I'd say Match is better than both. I went to Tavern on Main a week or so ago, but it was for lunch. Good luck!

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      Thanks so much! Any thoughts on Acqua in Wpt?

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        Yep. Not sure why I left that one out, but it's also really good. Acqua has great seafood. I always get the parmesan crusted halibut. The desserts are also worth trying. Be sure to ask for a table overlooking the river if you go. And reservations are a must - my wife and I have dropped in there without res and been treated not so well.

        If I had to rank the 3 I've named, it would go like this:
        1) Match
        2) Acqua
        3) Blue Lemon

    2. I loved Osianna in Fairfield, where Voila used to be. Next to Police Station. You can read my recent review in the Tristate Board.

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        Thanks - I just saw your review. We tried to hit Osianna in June, but the wait for a table was way too long. Instead we ended up at Mediterraneo (is that the name of it? - used to be Pearl of Budapest just above the Community), and had a really nice meal with very good service, but with a somewhat odd atmosphere (strangely upholstered padded seats, fake palm trees).