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Jul 19, 2007 02:03 PM

Good Restaurants Near Air & Space Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center?

I was curious if anyone could recommend a good restaurant near the Dulles Air & Space Museum complex that we could go to after catching a move there?


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  1. Backtracking somewhat to Chantilly, everyone here raves about Willard's BBQ. Not far from where 50 hits 28. Great BBQ and a to-die-for Cubano sandwich. Across 28 at Westfields Conference Drive is the very dependable Blue Water Grille.

    Continuing on to Herndon, in the center of Herndon are more formal eateries like Russia House and Zefferelli.

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    1. Just west of 28 on 50 are several good ethnic eateries: Thai Basil, Picante! The Real Taco, Rawal Kabob, Minerva (Indian), and Pho 98 (limited menu but very good).

      Just east of 28 on 50 are more: Sichuan Village (not the buffet), Yil Mi/Il Mee (Korean), Anita's (New Mexico-style burritos, etc.). Plus there's a new Thai place in Sully Plaza called Sila Thai that's supposed to be very good too and another Vietnamese place in there called Pho Bac that's also pretty good.

      I second Big Eats's recs of Willards and Blue Water Grille too. You can eat well around here for not too much $$.

      1. Thanks everyone! Willard's it is then.

        1. If you like Mexican (real Mex, not Tex) , try Picante - the Real Taco on 50 outbound on the left just past 28.

          1. Has anyone here been to Russia House? I'm considering it for my dinner group.