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Jul 19, 2007 01:59 PM

Yogurtpia in WeHo... better than Pink Berry!

Living at the epicenter of the Pink Berry phenom in WeHo, I was forced to give up that particular tasty treat when the rest of L.A. went crazy for it and the wait for a fro-yo crept near an hour. Luckily, a decent imitator has opened down the street on Santa Monica just west of San Vicente. Yogurtpia, despite its odd name and the fact that they push premade sushi along with fro-yo, may be better than Pink Berry. And not only because you don't need armed guards to make it to the counter! Their fresh fruit is not only ACTUALLY fresh, but it's been carefully picked so that it's also ripe, something Pink Berry always seemed to find a bit of a challenge.

So if you're looking for the Pink Berry experience without needing to pop a valium first, Yogurtpia is the spot. And best of all, there's often parking to be found in the adjacent West Hollywood Park.

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