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Jul 19, 2007 01:57 PM

Any Ecuadorian restaurants?

Anyone know of a (good!) Ecuadorian restaurant that serves dinner? Thanks!

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  1. Tropical, 88-19 Jamaica Av, Woodhaven
    Tropical II, 36-10 Greenpoint Av, LIC
    Tropical III, 62-27 Fresh Pond Road, Middle Village

    I've only been to Tropical II, based on a post by 2slices on June 21, 2007 (do a search) and haven't had a bad meal yet.

    1. I've been away from NYC for a while so can't give specific recommendations, but Jackson Heights/Corona is the place to go, especially Roosevelt Av and maybe 37 Av out beyond 82nd Street. There are so many! Two years ago I used to love Cuenca Restaurant 78-07 Roosevelt.Ave, which had elaborate seafood casseroles among other things