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Jul 19, 2007 01:51 PM

The Pig

I wonder if they’re under new ownership. Instead of ordering at the counter and then they bring it to you, they actually have menus and regular table service. I also noticed they no longer use the soda fountain, but rather have canned drinks (the lemonade is still fresh squeezed, though). And there’s an alcohol permit notice in the window. I seem to remember they had beer there before. Maybe I’m wrong.

The pulled pork plate was outstanding. The meat was a little crispy around the edges as I like it, and tender and stringy on the inside. The sauce was also very good. It had a vinegary flavor that added tang to the meat. There are also 4 different sauces on the table.

The fried potatoes were so-so…really nothing special. And the cole slaw was equally impressive. The fried jalapeno corn bread was pretty good, but dry.

I’d go back for sure, and order the pulled pork again. I’ll have to try my luck with some of the other side dishes.

The Pig
612 N La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036

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  1. Hmm, interesting. Haven't been there in about six months. Do they still hang the big menu over the kitchen?

    Every time I go there I'm worried that it's not getting much traffic.

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    1. re: QualityMart

      I don't remember the big menu. But as you pointed out, we were one of only two tables for lunch.

    2. Just got back from eating at The Pig for the first time. I was looking forward to the meal since I was craving BBQ and heard good reviews about their food.

      My husband and I both ordered ribs (baby back and St. Louis), and we were very disappointed to say the least. I think they might have been the worst ribs I've ever had...very dry, and it almost felt like we were eating jerky. Sounds like maybe we should've ordered the pulled pork instead.

      Maybe they are under new ownership? Sad to say that at this point I have no plans on returning.

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      1. re: jnakaoki

        i hope they didnt change owners......i havnt been there in more then a year. is the guy with the purple goatee still there?

      2. The posting notice is linked here, and the Thompsons are still the proprietors that opened the place, based on this notice. Just wanting to serve beer and wine.

        1. Ordered full rack of baby backs with roasted corn...the ribs had a good smoky flavor all the way through, but were very dry and way too tough. Instead of "fall off the bone", they were "pull as hard as you can, and with a little luck you might separate them". I got a just a few tender bites in the center of the rack, which, along with the sauces, was quite good. But to pay $20 for a few good bites, the rest as pork jerky? Not again.
          Corn was terrible, tough, dry and tasteless-- almost inedible. Oh well...

          1. I've enjoyed the food every time I've eaten there, but then again I've never had the ribs. (Not generally a fan of ribs.) Have enjoyed the brisket, bbq chicken, and pulled pork. Lots of better bbq in LA, but still good.